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Cardo Systems Scala Rider Q3 MultiSet Positioned about middle of the range in the Cardo Systems family, the Scala Rider Q3 MultiSet offers up an impressive amount of features while still being on the
Cardo Systems Scala Rider G9X PowersetThe most feature-rich Bluetooth communication system for motorbikers! Hit the road with friends and enjoy the ultimate social riding experience. The G9x PowerSet
Sena Technologies
SMH5-FM Intercom & FM Tuner
$158.95 - $298.95
$119.25 - $224.25
You save up to $74.70 (25%)
Sena Technologies SMH5-FM Intercom & FM Tuner The SMH5-FM is a Bluetooth 3.0 stereo headset with Bluetooth intercom and built-in FM tuner designed specifically for motorcycles. With the SMH5-FM, you c
Cardo Systems Scala Rider G9X Headset The most feature-rich Bluetooth communication system for motorbikers! Hit the road with friends and enjoy the ultimate social riding experience. "1+8" Intercom en
Schuberth SRC-System for Schuberth Helmets A fully integrated communication system for the Schuberth C3 and C3W helmets. The new SRC-System is a Cardo G4 communication system which is integrated into
N-Com B4 Bluetooth Kit for N104 Helmet
You save $37.96 (10%)
Nolan N-Com B4 Bluetooth Kit for N104 Helmet The N-Com B4 is the revolutionary new N-Com communication system, specifically designed for the N104 helmet. The innovative installation system mounts be
XBi2-H Plus Open Face Kit
You save $31.00 (12%)
ChatterBox XBi2-H Plus Open Face Kit Specifically designed for use with the HJC Bluetooth ready helmet line, the Chatterbox XBi2-H Plus Open Face Kit allows you to add a motorcycle intercom for commun

Latest Reviews

Charles (Maineville, OH)

Cost Benefit

Not quite as advertised

Ok, this is advertised as premium audio. Not quite; the sound is tinny and not very loud due to the distance from ears. But it's good enough, I guess. Installation is iffy. I put a cable holder on the outside of my helmet and held it down with a cable zip tie.

Ntasha (Derby, DBY)



The installation of this little head set was amazingly quick, within 10 minutes of taking it out of the box I installed and linked to my phone. I do find the fit isn't brilliant I quite often get my ears folded/caught when putting my helmet on. Listening to satellite navigation is great and don't have to worry to much about seeing the screen, however the music quality isn't brilliant, but this could just be the recording quality. I find it all very tinny and lose the voice track at high speeds.

Marty (Bellingham, WA)


Worked, until out of warranty

I bought this to replace a more antiquated Bluetooth headset that I liked. It was a relatively easy install, but it wasn't perfect and took more effort than it should have. The X1 Slim worked well for me for about two years, until the unit just decided it didn't want to recharge anymore. Luckily, I had a friend with the same unit and her charger didn't charge my X1 Slim and my charger did charge hers, so I conclusively ruled out the charger. Since I now had a useless $300 paperweight, I opened it up and I found a burnt out element on the circuit board. Something like that has everything to do with quality control and nothing to do with a customer's use of the product. I did take very good care of the unit, it even still has the protective screen film on the screen. $300 for two years is unreasonable.

Mark (Lampman , SK)


terrible speakers

I really liked the idea of the unit fitting perfectly in the helmet, which it does. There are problems however. The speakers do not line up properly with my ears. On the highway listening to music is just annoying- all treble and not loud enough. The speakers are low quality to begin with. Add to that the fact that they can't be moved to the perfect spot for your ears, and you'll regret this purchase. They need to have better speakers and make the placement adjustable.

Walter (New York City, NY)


Great Product

I recently purchased 2 HBC 100 Plus' for road trips and found it easy to install and easy to pair with my cell, gps and to my other HBC 100 Plus. What I really like is the upgradeable firmware that allows me to pair up to 4 riders. I see Uclear is constantly improving their product. The only reason I didn't give it 4 or 5 stars. Need to improve in connecting with other communicator.

jason (Rochester, WA)



Fit is ok, and it installs as easy as other brands. The mic picks up a lot of noise and the sound quality of the headset is poor; don't try to listen to music.

When out on the roads it can be hard to communicate to your pack of riding buddies. With wind ripping by and roaring engines, hearing each other can be next to impossible. With the addition of cruiser motorcycle communicators from Motorcycle Superstore you can chat without having to make a pit stop. Also, cruiser communicators can be great for warning your group of oncoming traffic, dangerous roads, and even directions. With our options filters you can find the communicators and accessories you need, made by brands you trust. Take your riding experience to the next level with cruiser motorcycle communicators at Motorcycle Superstore.
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