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PJ1 Blue Label Chain Lube
Blue Label Chain Lube
$7.40 - $11.75
You save up to $3.20 (21%)
PJ1 Blue Label Chain Lube Designed for O-ring and X-ring chains Clear formula won't fly off Has a "memory" that bounces back to absorb chain lash Reduces chain stretch and the requirement for freq...
PJ1 Black Label Chain Lube
Black Label Chain Lube
$7.79 - $12.14
You save up to $2.81 (19%)
PJ1 Heavy Duty "Black Label" Chain Lube Heavy Duty "Black Label" chain lube is designed to penetrate deep into the pin space and rollers on standard chains Thin-bodied formula penetrates chai...
PJ1 Fast Black Engine & Case Paint
Fast Black Engine & Case Paint
$10.87 - $13.01
You save up to $5.08 (32%)
  • Gloss Black
  • Satin Black
  • Wrinkle Black
PJ1 Fast Black Engine & Case Paint Gloss Black Special urethane resin formula withstands spillage of strong solvents and additives and endures the most adverse conditions Formulated for engine res...
PJ1 Epoxy Paint
Epoxy Paint
You save $5.08 (32%)
  • High Gloss Black
PJ1 Epoxy Paint Exact match colors Factory-like finish; Resists chipping and rusting Lead free High durability 16 oz. can Paint Notes: Clear coat not recommended on Honda/Yamaha White Yamaha Blue...
PJ1 Foam Air Filter Treatment
Foam Air Filter Treatment
You save $2.68 (19%)
PJ1 Foam Air Filter Treatment Super-tacky formulation goes on easily and stays on Helps protect high-performance engines from costly repairs by stopping grit and other particles harmful to...
PJ1 Gold Series Fork Tuner Oil
Gold Series Fork Tuner Oil
$8.26 - $13.48
You save up to $2.48 (16%)
  • Lite
  • Lite/Medium
  • X-Lite
PJ1 Gold Series Fork Tuner Oil Consistent, smooth damping action in all temperatures Fine tune your ride for personal preference Non-foaming, non-fading formula
PJ1 Gold Series Cartridge Pro Fork Fluid
Gold Series Cartridge Pro Fork Fluid
You save $3.89 (13%)
PJ1 Gold Series Cartridge Pro Fork Fluid Aerospace technology working in extreme temperature variances Gold Series Cartridge Pro Fork Fluid improves damping and rebound action Controls se...
PJ1 Fabric Air Filter Oil
Fabric Air Filter Oil
You save $3.83 (31%)
PJ1 Fabric Air Filter Oil Specially formulated for gauze-type filters Stops dirt, sand and moisture Red color confirms uniform application; won’t stain filter 15 oz. can; sold ...
PJ1 Gas Energizer Octane Plus
Gas Energizer Octane Plus
You save $7.50 (43%)
PJ1 Gas Energizer Octane Plus Increases fuel octane Stabilizes fuel Increases horsepower Lead substitute for engines requiring leaded fuel Reduces "Knock" and "Ping" Alleviates dieseling Helps p...

Latest Reviews

Paul LS (Frankston )


Best I've tried...

Let's be honest... chain lube is a pain in the a**. You get lube all over your wheel, the chain gets dirty, it flings off getting everything else dirty. You have to remember to do it... makes you want to buy a shaft drive bike. This is the best I've come across however. It flies off the least (it ALL comes off so don't buy into that 'won't fling off nonsense you read), it goes on 'wet' and dries fairly dry. I have pretty regular riding habits so every other trip out (which makes between 200-250 miles) when I GET BACK and the chain is warm, spray the lube on. Put your bike up overnight and the lube dries on. Keeps your chain working as it should with a minimum of filth. Nothing else I've tried works as well

EARider (Maple Falls )


Best "Dry" Lube on the market

I've tried almost every chain lube known on the market so far, and chain cleaning products. This stuff is provides the best 2 or 3 season chain protection solution on the market. What makes this stuff special is that it changes viscosity during the chain's operation, during it's usable life span after application it continuously re-lubes the moving parts of the chain due to it converting from honey to liquid and back again. No other lube that i've tried does this, it will also do this type of physical transformation when used on hot days, so carefully measured application to prevent drips or spatter must be observed! This stuff can be messy, I laugh at the person who called it "Liquid Bubble Gum", in a way they are correct. I can only attribute the negative comments about it's messy nature mostly to improper application. The viscosity of this product when it comes out of the nozzle is very low, like hot honey only more fluid than that. Within 60 seconds of coming into contact with the air, it turns into a highly viscous honey-like consistency. The only way to properly apply this stuff is to use the application tube supplied and very light controlled pressure on the button, following the contour of the O-Rings on the chain. If done properly overspray is all but completely eliminated, and the viscosity of the chain fluid actually aids in controlling the flow rate during application. If you ride in foul conditions it does require frequent cleaning of the drive line assembly but it is a superior product for preventing rust from forming on the chains of street bikes. I prefer to clean the drive line with Honda branded chain cleaner, it is the most effective cleaner i've tried, I have tried many! This product is not appropriate for any use other than motorcycle chains, don't be foolish and use this on a bicycle..




Just to clarify the review by JOHN H of OH: The Fast Black "E" is correctly described in the SuperStore web page as a urethane, not an epoxy. The PJ1 site does not state the formula so I asked them, to wit: "Our ā€œEā€ Engine & Case finishes are a Poly-Urethane Enamel based product." by Todd Carroll in Sales. And the "G" formula is correctly listed as PJ1 EPOXY, and is available at SuperStore. AND PJ1 Fast Black are excellent aerosol paints.

Chris W. (Redmond )


Super Tacky Oil

I used this on the foam filter of my 250R. This is the easiest to apply without oversaturating the filter. Also, thanks to the red tint, it is super easy to get an even coverage. I won't be using any other oils from now on. I am sure this will keep crud out of the engine!