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AFX Adventure Touring Helmet Accessories for Men

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Barry (Victoria )


Mirror looks great! (for non-impact cosplay only...)

After upgrading my dated Zox dual-sport helmet to the AFX FX-41, I thought to myself "Self, you need to look more like Master Chief from Halo." Hi-Vis orange plus a cool mirrored shield?! What could possibly be wrong with that? As it turned out, nothing was wrong with that; the combination looked amazing AND it protected my face! Who knew? After my second ride, however, I began to notice discolouration to the mirror; two smudges of non-mirror that happened to line up directly over my eyes (when the shield was open it would rub against the visor of my helmet). It was a little annoying, but the shield still looked great!... And then I hit a bee... or a wasp or hornet or giant mosquito. Whatever it was it was BIG. It left a fairly disgusting pattern of itself on the left side of the shield. "No matter, I'll just clean it off at my next stop." Micro-fibre cloth and water removed the buggy remnants effectively... and removed the mirrored finish in the area equally effectively! O.o There is NO hard-coat on the mirrored shield to protect from wear; bugs, rocks, your fingernail, a slightly dusty cloth, a stiff breeze will wear off the mirror finish. Needless to say; I'm quite disappointed. I will only recommend the mirrored shield if you want to look cool before or after a ride (please store your mirrored face-shield in a vacuum-sealed, zero-G environment when riding in order to maintain its finish for future, cool-looking usage... say for fancy dinner parties or saving the galaxy).