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Icon Squad II Backpack
Squad II Backpack
  • Hi-Visibility Yellow
Icon Squad II Backpack The Squad II backpack features unique reflective upper arm straps for increased visibility. Its unique comfort-fit chest closure system allows for a greater coverage area of ...

Latest Reviews

Jeremy (Whiteman AFB )

Cost Benefit

Bright & useful

Pack holds some heavy weight. Carried probably 30 pounds several times with zero issues. In heavy rain I noticed some wetness near zippers, but not soaked. Fit can be a bit cumbersome if wearing a bulky jacket. ID card holder needs a little bit of baby powder to prevent card from sticking inside. Very easy to lose things with all the pockets. Helmet compartment is not fun walking around with if there's a helmet inside. Don't bother with the shoulder reflective things. But all-in-all, if I have to carry anything more than an iPad, I use this bag.