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Progressive Suspension Safety Wire
Progressive Suspension
Safety Wire
$8.95 - $20.88
You save up to $2.32 (10%)
Progressive Suspension Safety Progressive Suspension's wire .032" x 25' .032" x 1-lb. can .025" x 1-lb. can **Note: The 1-lb can's are listed as sizes .032" or .025"

Latest Reviews

Chris M (Hunt )


Progressive spring compressor

Very well made tool and works as good as any I have seen, however, this tool will not work on older/vintage shocks as the tool ring is the same size as the older style shock retainer clips so therefore no way to remove shock clip when the tool is compressed so buyer should be aware of this. Tool works very well on newer style shocks

Russ (beattie )


Secondary Uses

I ordered these as a replacement for the adapters being used to hold Guardian Bells on the bikes for my MC. I had to enlarge the small hole a tiny bit on one of the tabs, but the thinness of the material does not add any clearance problems on the bolts, and the stainless material does not add any danger of corrosion. They have worked well and are a LOT less expensive than the individual tabs sold elsewhere.