Chicken Hawk - Pole Position Tire Warmer

Pole Position Tire Warmer

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Chicken Hawk Pole Position Tire Warmer

Hot tire pressure is more important than ever; it can mean the difference between crossing the checkered line before your opponents or picking up the pieces and going home empty handed. New for 2012, Chicken Hawk Racing has added neoprene sides to additionally insulate the tire and wheel, and help block wind from blowing across your rims. The elastic stretch also provides a smooth fit without a lot of pulling which can damage your warmers.
  • Chicken Hawk Racing supplies virtually all of the AMA Superbike teams, such as Yoshimura Suzuki, Jordan Motorsports and M4 Suzuki
  • Tires are up to temperature and have the proper hot tire pressure before you hit the track
  • Warm tires won’t shred or tear on the opening laps
  • Keeping tires warm in between track sessions eliminates the hardening of the tire that occurs while it cools
  • Sets draw 1150 watts for the pair
  • Sold in pairs
  • Built and serviced in the USA
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Hard carry case adds protection during transit and storage
  • Change operating temperature with the flip of a switch
Temperature settings:
  • Low (135 degrees)
  • Medium (155 degrees)
  • High (175 degrees)
Sizing Information:

250 GP/Supermoto
  • Tire Diameter = 17”
  • Front Tire Width = 110-120
  • Rear Tire Width = 155-170
  • Tire Diameter = 17”
  • Front Tire Width = 110-120
  • Rear Tire Width = 180-195
  • Not recommended for street use
  • Do not use a tire warmer on a smaller tire than it was designed for. overlapping or bunching the tire warmer can damage both the tire warmer and the tire
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