How To Install Dirt Bike Graphics

By Katy B.
Ready to install that fresh set of dirt bike graphics? Whether it is your first time installing dirt bike graphics or if you’re looking for new tips you’re at the right place. In this video we will show you the process of a full dirt bike graphics install from start to finish.

Look good, feel good, and ride good. Everyone wants that factory look without paying the factory price. A new graphics kit is an easy and inexpensive upgrade to give your dirt bike that factory look. After all, you don’t have to go fast to look fast!

If this is your first time installing graphics don’t be afraid to ask for help. While this is a relatively easy install it is best to grab a buddy who has installed graphics before. A little know how can help ease frustration and prevent bubbles on your fresh kit.

Before you start:

Make sure your bike is clean. Closely inspect the plastics for scuffs and scratches. If your plastics show any damage you may want to consider replacing them. Wash your hands before handling the graphics. Dirt and oil from your hands will reduce the ability of your graphics to adhere.

What you will need:

Plastics and Graphics

Adhesive remover

Contact cleaner


Razor blade

Hair dryer or heat gun

Step 1: Preparing the Plastics

Remove the old graphics. If you have trouble getting the graphics off clean, heat them up using a heat gun or hair dryer. Grab the adhesive remover and contact cleaner to thoroughly clean the surface removing all glue residue. Prep the plastics for the next step using a heat gun and alcohol for a premium stick.

Step 2: Install Graphics (See Video)

When installing graphics for the first time, start with the easiest piece with less curves. The air box cover is a good place to start on most bikes. Line up your decal over the plastic. Once you find where you want to lay it, peel the backing half way and it fold over. Check your alignment and use one finger to place the decal. Working in small sections use your thumb to apply pressure. Be careful to not get any wrinkles or air bubbles. If you get air bubbles don’t be afraid to peel up that section and try again. Use the heat gun (be careful to not over heat!) to help smooth out bubbles and to stretch the decal around curves. You can also pop stubborn air bubbles using the razor blade.

As you apply the decals don’t worry if you find excessive material. Just continue to apply and use the razor to cut off the excess material. Also cut out any graphic that is covering bolts, access holes, or vent slits.

Step 3: Bonding

Now that you’ve got your bike looking fresh, you have to let it sit at least 24 hours. This way the graphic can properly bond with the plastic.