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    Simple Solutions Grunge BrushThe Grunge Brush is the first specifically designed brush that cleans motorcycle and ATV chains. The Grunge Brush has an innovative design that cleans chain from three ang
    Bearing Removal Kit
    You save $38.99 (20%)
    Bikemaster Bearing Removal Kit A bearing must be removed at 90° to its fitted surface, and removed evenly all the way around So, to avoid damage, or loading the bearing too much on one side,
    Motion Pro
    Cable Luber
    You save $0.90 (9%)
    Motion Pro Cable LuberUsed to inject lubricant into any cable housing, this Motion Pro Cable Luber will keep your bike running smooth. Clamps over housing and wire allowing an aerosol can to be conne
    Motion Pro
    Chain Breaker
    You save $2.50 (10%)
    Motion Pro Chain Breaker If your chain is too long or doesn't have a masterlink, the Motion Pro Chain Breaker is exactly what you need. Simple to use, the breaker can work with a variety of different
    M9 Worx Mat
    You save $15.00 (15%)
    FMF/Matrix Concepts M9 Worx Mat Be ready for your next trackside repair with FMF/Matrix Concepts and the M9 Worx Mat. Roll out the mat and it gives you a clean space for your tools or parts. Feature
    Cruz Tools
    Speedkit Compact Tool Kits
    You save $0.96 (3%)
    Cruz Tools Speedkit Compact Tool Kits The Cruz Tools Compact Tool Kit includes more content than most OEM replacement kits and is easily storable as well. Contains 1/2" x 9/16" and 9/16" x 5/8" open
    KM501E Sport Cutting and Riveting Tool
    You save $28.56 (20%)
    DID KM501E Sport Cutting and Riveting Tool The all steel construction is incredibly durable for maximum long life This compact tool is designed to rivet D.I.D. ZJ rivet style links and to cu
    Motion Pro
    Fork Oil Level Tool
    You save $2.20 (10%)
    Motion Pro Fork Oil Level Tool The perfect tool for checking or adjusting fork level oils Works on any conventional or inverted fork Aluminum adjusting ring will measure from 0-300 mm
    Motion Pro
    Compression Tester
    You save $11.90 (10%)
    Motion Pro Compression Tester Designed to check cylinder compression Contains hoses for 10, 12 and 14mm spark plug applications Includes a quick-disconnect with pressure-release valve
    Closeout 53% off
    Matrix Concepts
    M10 Factory Mat
    You save $80.00 (53%)
    Matrix Concepts M10 Factory MatUse it in the garage/shop in the back of your truck or at the track Keep parts clean and out of the dirt, or if you drop a part it lands on a soft surface Made of toug
    Ratio-Rite Measuring Cup Stop guessing and start riding. The Ratio-Rite Measuring Cup helps you mix for your 2-cycle without making mistakes. The lines are easy to read, so you can spend more
    Motion Pro
    T-Handle 7 Piece Metric Set
    You save $4.19 (10%)
    Motion Pro T-Handle 7 Piece Metric Set There's a reason professional race mechanics love T-handles; they're compact and do the job quickly. This Motion Pro metric set lets you perform the job just as
    Simple Solutions Grunge Brush Combo PackThe Grunge Brush is the first specifically designed brush that cleans motorcycle and ATV chains. The Grunge Brush has an innovative design that cleans chain fro
    Motion Pro
    4-Stroke Leak Down Tester
    You save $16.10 (10%)
    Motion Pro 4-Stroke Leak Down Tester Designed to check percentage of cylinder leakage in 4-stroke engines Air source of 70 to 160 psi required to pressurize cylinder; gauge registers tot
    Fork Seal Installers
    You save $11.99 (20%)
    BikeMaster Fork Seal Installers Having the right tools for the job will save a small fortune. This is especially true when replacing fork seals, installing seals even and straight will increase seal a
    Motion Pro
    Hex Axle Tool
    You save $1.99 (10%)
    Motion Pro Hex Axle Tool Fits internal hex on many late model sportbike axles and some dirt bikes Four metric hex sizes: 17, 19, 22 and 24mm 3/8 in. square drive on both ends Heavy duty chrome moly s
    Tool Wrap
    MSR Racing Tool Wrap Convenient tool carrying case designed to organize, protect and stabilize your tools while in your Fanny Pak or Back Pak. Clear inside parts pocket Securing strap
    MSR Wire Twister Make quick, clean, professional safety wire twists Jaws lock on wire for positive grip Just pull and the wire twists automatically Includes 25' spool of wire
    Jims Fork Leg Holder Tool Holds fork legs and tubes for easy hands-free servicing or rebuilding Mounts in vise to hold fork to 2" dia. max. firmly during repair without causing damage to fork assemb
    Bearing/Bushing Tool
    You save $23.99 (20%)
    BikeMaster Bearing/Bushing Tool 22-piece bearing/bushing tool assortment Most popular sizes from 8mm to 64mm Corrosive resistant black oxide finish Heavy-duty steel construction Convenient blow molde
    Hex Axle Tool
    You save $4.99 (20%)
    BikeMaster Hex Axle Tool Don't damage your axle trying to use bolts and a vice grip. Grab the Hex Axle Tool from BikeMaster and make the job easier.     Fits most of the late model hexagonal axle ho

    Latest Reviews

    Steve (Durango, CO)

    Cost Benefit

    Just as I expected - Great!

    Expensive, though well built and solid. Worked great. Easy to figure out with some contemplation. Directions could be more detailed but only took a few minutes to figure out.

    Bruce (Ketchum, ID)


    Matrix Factory Mat

    I bought the mat thinking it would be great for working on the moto and changing clothes when I have to use a truck to get to a riding area. We have 2 feet of snow on the ground here now so I am using it as a floor mat by the door when removing snowy and muddy shoes. It works great!



    Great product, poor quality

    I really liked this product while it lasted but mine broke on about the third use.

    Mike (Panama, NE)

    Cost Benefit

    Clutch holding tool

    The tool worked as well as it could. It would not hold in some cases when a lot of holding power was needed on other gears.

    Joe (Portage, PA)

    Cost Benefit

    Necessary tool if you have equipment

    Great little tool. Don't know how I did without it.

    You've heard the saying "always have the right tool for the job"; well the saying still applies and especially so with today's modern dirt bikes. Not only will you be able to truly get to know your bike, the strengths and its weaknesses, but you will also be able to avoid the danger of stripping and damaging your bike that comes with the use of inadequate tools. Motorcycle Superstore carries all of the specialized dirt bike tools that you need to keep your bike working on the highest of levels. The wide variety of dirt bike tools offered right here includes carb-fuel tools, chain tools, engine tools, hand tools, spark plug tools, suspension tools, tire tools and much more. Browse our selection of dirt bike tools from brands you trust like and ride with confidence knowing you have the proper dirt bike tools to fix any problem you might encounter. Finding the right tool is easy, thanks to our options filters that allow you to browse by price, brand and style. So if you’re in the market for some new dirt bike tools, look no further.
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