Sportbike Helmets Under $300


Get a helmet that can keep the pace so you can keep your wheels spinning and head straight. Helmet manufacturers understand that you need features from a professional caliber helmet without the high level price tag. They also understand you need a lid that fits your style. So we picked the best performing helmets available for under $300. This is your guide to helmets that have the style and features you need without breaking the bank.

Scorpion EXO-R2000 Launch Helmet

Scorpion EXO-R2000 Launch Helmet

Starting the list of the top sportbike helmets for under $300 is the Scorpion EXO-R2000 Launch Helmet. Scorpion is well known for their premium craftsmanship and devotion to providing top notch helmets for a price lower than the competition. Scorpion understands that riders like you need a MotoGP caliber helmet without an astronomical price. The EXO-R2000 answers the call and compromises nothing whether at the track or on the street.

The EXO-R2000 features Scorpion's own special composite blend. The revolutionary TCT (Thermodynamic Composite Technology) consists of a proprietary 5 layer blend of interlaced and specially formulated fiberglass, Aramid and organic poly-resin fibers. You might wonder what all that special material really does for you. This special composite shell is both light and strong, keeping you safer than its plastic competitors.

The best helmet in the world won't do you any good if it doesn't fit. Scorpion created 4 shell sizes and 6 EPS liners for the EXO-R2000 to optimize fitment. Taking it a step further, Scorpion also included their unique inflatable cheek pad system for a superior personalized fit.

When you're out on the track or hammering down on the streets the last thing you want is an uncomfortable helmet. This helmet is shaped with the sportbike rider in mind so you get the most from the Aero-Tuned Ventilation system.

Overall with the performance features and fair price this helmet offers everything you could need.

Shark Skwal Instinct Helmet

Shark Skwal Instinct Helmet

If you're the type of rider that prefers to keep it on the streets you know that visibility is often the only thing standing between you and the cagers. This brings us to the next helmet on our list, the Shark Skwal Instinct Helmet. Shark understands to be safe so you can keep on riding you have to be seen. The brilliant minds from Shark got together with this in mind and created the first helmet with LEDS system.

The Shark Skwal Instinct Helmet increases visibility without compromising style with built in LED lighting in the front and back of the helmet. The LED lighting system provides a distinctive look in line with Shark's killer instinct. The LED lights are easy to switch on and off with a conspicuous push bottom hidden under the neck roll. Charging is made easy with a flush mount charging port. This system is something you can rely on with 5 hour run time in continuous mode and 10 hours in pulse mode.

Much like the predator that this helmet brand is named after, Shark takes an aggressive approach to creating revolutionary helmets that keep the name at the top of the food chain. The Skwal is designed from the inside-out for maximum safety and comfort. The Shark Skwal Instinct Helmet offers unique features you won't find anywhere else for a competitive price.

HJC CL-Max II Ridge Modular Helmet


So far we have gone over two of the best sportbike helmets that reach just below the $300 mark. While these are both the top performers in protection and unique design some may want a better value helmet. Fortunately HJC offers a wide variety of styles and prices for riders of all calibers. One of the best priced helmets for sportbike riders is the HJC CL-Max II Ridge Modular Helmet.

The HJC CL-Max II is a modular helmet that is hard to fault. This helmet brings together the value many riders are looking for with an easy to use flip-up design. This simple design features a single button to flip up the helmet with a simple and natural feeling.

The CL-Max II has conventional features that are simple yet effective. The polycarbonate composite shell keeps the cost down without being noticeably heavier than its much more expensive competitors.

Bell Vortex Grinder Helmet

Bell Vortex Grinder Helmet

Falling somewhat in the middle of the sportbike helmet segment, the Bell Vortex Grinder Helmet is a nice compromise between its more expensive competitors. The Vortex from Bell borrows some of the features from the high-end Bell Star offering a sleek race bred design at a competitive price.

Like the Bell Star, the Vortex is built to breathe with the Velocity Flow Ventilation system and FlowAdjust for maximum stability and temperature control with minimal noise and buffeting. Additionally to drastically reduce road/wind noise the Vortex has a padded wind collar. The sleek shell design makes this helmet stable at highway speeds and gives it that aggressive style sportbike riders crave.

The Bell Vortex is outfitted with contoured cheek pads and a plush removable comfort liner to keep you comfortable all day. Inside you will also find integrated speaker pockets for you Bluetooth lovers. This helmet has all the modern features you could ask for with a price tag you can't argue with.

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