5 Future Advancements That Will Change the Way You Ride

Avid riders love finding fresh new ways to get more out of their bikes. Although the end goal is always the same - to take in the open road on the back of a rumbling engine - the way that’s achieved differs with each new advancement. Here are five future advancements we’re keeping our eyes on to see how they continue to improve the way people ride.

1. Kick the Kickstand

Parked Segways

Picture this: You’re late for work. Every second counts as you try to make it from the parking lot into your office before the boss notices. It’s at that moment you’re thankful that you’re riding on a motorcycle with a gyroscope so it can stand on its own without you needing to fumble with a kickstand.

Gyroscopes help balance a bike in a similar way that they help balance a Segway. Both modes of transportation have two wheels and need to stay upright. The gyroscope makes that possible.

Although gyroscopic capabilities are mostly a thing of the future, they’re likely coming. Parking a motorcycle and getting off in a rush will be easier the more bikes employ this type of technology.

2. The Electric Slide

Electric Car

If you’ve been to the new car lot lately, you’ve seen a lot of computers. That’s what cars have become these days - computerized engines that run more on software than parts. And that’s the direction some motorcycles are heading.

Electric bikes continue to gain in popularity - especially as higher end bikes adapt the new technology, such as Energica Ego, Lightning LS 218 and Agility Saietta. Perhaps the first sparks of true interest came when Harley Davidson announced Livewire tour, which brought 40 electric bike concepts around the country.

Although you can buy some electric motorcycles now, there are still many concepts being tested and pre-sold to people who are interested in this electronic style of riding.

3. Cool Riding

Fox Racing 2017 Gear

Ever wish you could stay on your bike all day - even in the blazing hot temperatures? The newest advancements in ridewear keep you cooler so you can keep riding for longer.

The 2017 FlexAir from Fox is some of the best for riding in the heat. The Lycra blend and TruDri fabric make it more comfortable against your skin. There are laser thin holes in both the pants and the jerseys to help riders keep moving for longer without overheating.


2017 Fox Racing V3 MIPS Helmet

When it comes to riding your motorcycle, it’s all about safety first! MIPS stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System and it works exactly as you’d imagine. By mimicking your body’s own protective strategies, a MIPS Helmet supports the brain by reducing rotational forces regardless of what direction the bike is hit during a crash. It’s the safest way to ride.

5. Improved Navigation

Garmin ZUMO

What if you could be alerted of an upcoming hilly route? Or if you could get a helmet law alert each time you entered a new state, so you always were sure to be riding lawfully?

The newest navigation devices for motorcycles offer that to riders and more. These tools aren’t just being used to find the shortest route from point A to point B. They’re changing the way people ride by offering more information about the areas around them.

The Future is Coming Soon

The future of motorcycle riding is right around the corner. In many ways, it’s already here. These advancements continue to change the way people ride. By keeping a constant pulse on what’s happening in the world of motorcycle advancements, you too can continuously improve your rides with the latest gear and tools.