Motorcycle vs. Cars: Why Motorcycles Can Be Your Primary Means of Transportation

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The morning commute. The journey to a weekend brunch with friends. A day out with the family. All of these (and more) are most often done in the car, but what about your motorcycle? Can your bike become your primary means of transportation?

We say, yes!

Most bikers only sit atop their motorcycle on the weekends. The rest of the time, they’re stuffed into a car without the excitement of the open air and the thrill of being on two wheels. Yet some people have opted to use their motorcycle as a daily driver.

If you’ve ever wondered how you can get in more time on your bike, here are a few tips to make it a reality.

1. Prepare Yourself for Extra Cargo

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One of the biggest reasons why motorcycle owners only kick up the kickstand on weekends is the lack of cargo space. When you can’t carry important things, such as notes for a meeting or a basketball for a pickup game at the gym after work, you’re more likely to choose your car as your daily driver.

Innovators (and fellow motorcycle lovers) have met this challenge with unique storage solutions designed specifically for motorcycles.

There are several types of motorcycle luggage systems you can attach to the back of your bike. From rear racks and saddlebag supporters to tail, tank, saddle and fender bags, you have plenty of options for storage while riding.

2. Stock Up On Gear

Motorcycle Textile Suit

In addition to adding extra cargo space to your motorcycle, you’ll also need to add extra gear to your closet.

Riding your bike on a daily basis means riding your bike in all types of weather. Although you might have a few sets of leather pants and jackets in your closet already but that won’t cut it - especially if you have a dress code at work.

Stock up on rainwear and jackets so you have enough clothing to cover your professional and personal attire. You might also want to stock up on a few accessories, such as neckwarmers and skull caps since you’ll likely go through these quicker than usual.

3. Brace Yourself for Unwanted Opinions

If you’re riding to work every day, chances are you’re going to hear about it from your boss or coworker. Although your means of transportation isn’t any of their business (especially if you’re wearing the gear to protect your professional attire), it seems everyone has an opinion about riding a motorcycle. Do it year round and you’re likely to get unwelcome feedback at some point.

Ignore it.

You’re the expert on your bike. You know what’s safe. You know what type of weather is too dangerous to ride your motorcycle in. You’re a smart motorist. Brace yourself for the unwanted opinions and let them roll off your back like the rain rolls off your waterproof jacket on your morning commute.

4. Plan for a Different Type of Maintenance Plan

Motorcycle Maintenance

The more you use your motorcycle as your daily ride, the more maintenance you’ll need. It sounds obvious, but some bikers still ignore the importance of regular maintenance.

Putting off maintenance when it’s your primary mode of transportation is dangerous. For example, not checking your tire pressure regularly or ignoring the wearing of your tread is a surefire way to have a blowout, which can be catastrophic.

Yes, You Can Replace Your Car With a Motorcycle as a Primary Mode of Transportation

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It’s not a pipe dream. It is possible to replace your car and ride to work or on errands using your motorcycle. The better you can prepare yourself for the new habits you’ll have to form, the faster you’ll see just how liberating it can be to ride more often than drive.