Pirelli Sport Tire Overview

By Katy B.

Pirelli has a wide open approach that is all about taking motorcycle tire performance to the next level. Their innovative lineup of motorcycle tires offers premium performance that will last for miles. Whether you're into long rides on the country side or wide open racing Pirelli has something to offer.

Pirelli Diablo Rosso III

Angel GT

"The longest lasting sport touring tire: 100% Italian Gran Turismo"

The most recent addition to the Pirelli family, the Angel GT Touring Tire boasts high performance on dry as well as wet roads throughout the entire life span of the tire. Compared to the tire it replaces, the Angel GT astonishingly increases mileage by 30%, reduces the braking distance by about 1 meter and manages to maintain these high performance characteristics at a high level over time.

Pirelli did not choose the name by coincidence, the Angel GT is a product dedicated to long distances while maintaining the sport performance associated with Pirelli’s name. The Angel GT is 100% Gran Turismo, designed specifically for those who travel long distances with a fully loaded bike.

    Bi-compound creates differentiated behavior of the tire for extra mileage and excellent grip on wet surfaces.

    Innovative profile gives a uniform contact patch area promoting wear regularity and extended mileage.

    Evolved tread pattern allows efficient water dispersal and gives the rider confidence on wet surfaces.

Diablo Rosso III

"How to transform the most difficult road in pure amusement"

As motorcycle performance continues to progress, riders are demanding a new generation of tires that can take on the most difficult conditions. Pirelli answered with a World Superbike Championship caliber tire, the Diablo Rosso III. Featuring unprecedented handling for a new generation, the Diablo Rosso III has technology that can take on any challenge. Pirelli engineered the Diablo Rosso III with properties to produce performance in all conditions with consistency and race like handling.

The Diablo Rosso III makes leaping bounds from the Rosso II with a new profile, materials, an innovative structure, new compounds and a tread pattern all in line with the latest generation. This new generation of the Diablo family significantly improves handling and absolute grip on wet pavement. Additionally this tire will give the rider consistent performance through the entire life cycle.

    High performance silica compounds are used to create a wide range of "operative temperature" to ensure optimal grip in all conditions.

    Bi-Compound Profile is an innovative structure divided into a 40-20-20 proportion for optimum performance while turning or flying straight.

    "Flash" Racing tread pattern allows uniform wear for performance consistency. Derived from the highly regarded Diablo Supercorsa, this tread pattern is an expression of the excellence Pirelli has to offer. This tread pattern is especially efficient in dispersing water, making it optimal in safety and performance in wet conditions.

Diablo Supercorsa SP

"The ultimate emotion for road and racetrack"

The Diablo Supercorsa SP is an expression of the competitiveness that drives Pirelli. This tire is not for touring or commuting, it is for the rider who needs a race caliber tire. The Supercorsa is barely DOT legal with the race inspired tread pattern. In fact the Supercorsa is most at home on the track. This tire delivers racetrack performance while still remaining completely street legal.

    WSBK derived materials and structure creates low carcass deformation ratio for increased agility and intuitive handling.

    Bi-compound rear tire features a center compound that offers mileage with a side compound that offers performance. Extreme grip in lean combined with high speed stability.

    Single groove tread pattern creates a larger slick surface area on the shoulder for racetrack grip and long life suited for road use.

    Long longitudinal groove promotes better wear regularity and performance consistency.

    Enhanced Patch Technology Featured on the Supercorsa rear tire, Pirelli's patented EPT helps to optimize the contact patch for improved grip and handling.

Pirelli Sport Tires

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