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Givi Monokey V35 Tech Side Case

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Givi Monokey V35 Tech Side Case

Givi is always on the cutting edge of innovation, style, and safety. The Monokey® V35 Side Case encompasses all of those attributes with a newly designed mounting system, and bottom shell. The new design brings the cases closer to the bike improving the overall motorcycle profile, aerodynamic characteristics, lean angles, and ultimately safety.

Amazingly these improvements didn't come a the cost of space, the V35 will still fit a full-face helmet! These cases will fit the demand of the most rugged motorcyclists and look great doing it.

  • Monokey system allows entry and detachment with a single key
  • Comes with clear lenses
  • Sold as a pair

Volume - 34 Liters
Load Capacity - 10 Kilograms
Dimensions - 394mm x 316mm x 526mm

Givi Monokey V35 Side Cases will only Mount to
Givi PLX Series Side Case Mounts.

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Overall Rating: 3.67 of 5

(3 Reviews)
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Not fit for purpose intended

Here’s some feedback on these V35 side cases for my ‘08 FZ1. After getting them installed at my Yamaha dealer since the instructions are unintelligible I went for a short ride. After less than ½ hour on the highway I stopped to check them out and the case on the side of the muffler had already shown signs of heat strain and warping. Then I looked at the guarantee and it says that damage from a heat source including the muffler is not covered. Really? I used the racks specifically designed for my bike, professionally installed, and it turns out the case melts if the bike has a muffler exactly where it is designed to be. What kind of engineering is this? Rather lame, don’t you agree? So now I’m gonna have to try and heat shield the damn thing to hopefully get one good tour out of them. I’m very unhappy after spending near $1000 on the racks and cases. I can’t recommend this product to anyone except to say they are clearly unfit for the purpose intended.

steven - January 20, 2014

(Eureka, CA)





Great Cases!

These are excellent cases. Givi quality is excellent! Very easy to put on and take off. One thing to note, If you have an XL helmet shell it may not fit. I have a Scorpion XL that just fits in one direction. They have seals to keep water out, but haven't had them in the rain yet.

Dennis - March 1, 2012

(Camby, IN)





Great Side Cases

The V35 Tech matte black finish looks great on my 2011 Versys. Cases fit perfectly on mounts with good solid feel. About 400 miles with them and no issues so far. MCSS sent only one of the cases on original shipment, but were responsive in getting the other case to me ASAP. Great cases and good service follow-up.

Miles - February 27, 2012

(Austin, TX)
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