What's New For Alpinestars' Spring Collection


Alpinestars has added and upgraded a whole range of pieces to their men’s collection for the Spring of 2016. From jackets to boots, to pants, to gloves – the collection has been tweaked for the better in many regards just in time for the warmer riding months.

The jackets that have been added and improved within the collection take center stage this spring, with a wide variety of styles, fabrics, and fits that are sure to provide plenty of options for every sort of rider. The GP series continues to be a highlight of the jacket collection, with the GP Pro leather jacket continuing to shine as an extremely technical option for the serious track rider. With an aggressive sport fit highlighted by airamid stretch panels, the GP Pro Leather Jacket from Alpinestars offers comfort that won’t distract from even your most serious rides. Dual poly sliders atop CE certified protective armor help give peace of mind for those worst-case-scenario moments. The back of the GP Pro leather jacket is where you’ll see a riding hump to not only for protection, but its perforations help channel and direct airflow as well. One of the most popular and impressive jackets in the Alpinestars line, the GP Pro is full of updates and ready to impress in spring and summer of 2016.

The T-GP Pro Textile and T-GP Pro Air jackets also make a re-appearance just in time to help riders keep cool in the summer heat. Built on very similar framework the two jackets are nearly identical offerings for the sportbike rider, save for a few key differences. On the T-GP Pro Air jacket the lining offers a windproof lining underneath mesh paneling, while the T-GP Pro Textile jacket features a thermal liner on the inside beneath 450 denier poly-fabric. Both are great options for warm-weather riding, however the T-GP Pro textile will allow deeper-season spring and fall riding while the T-GP Pro Air best suits the person riding in severe summer heat. Both jackets are otherwise quite comparable in fit, function, and features, and are sure to be a big hit among riders this season.

For those who prefer a slightly less technical, more “everyday” jacket Alpinestars offers the Devon Leather Jacket. While also available in airflow and women’s versions the Devon is a versatile, moderately aggressive sport-fit jacket. Look extra-sleek in the blacked out version of this jacket, which features full grain leather over most of the chassis while aramid stretch panels help circulate air and make the jacket more comfortable while riding. CE shoulder and back armor keep the Devon competitive in it’s safety features, while removable thermal liner allows the seasonality of this jacket to be extended into being a full three season jacket. If you’re looking for something comfortable, stylish, and made for street as opposed to track – the Devon is an impressive option to consider.

With vintage styling and top of the line safety features, a few of the additions to the Oscar collection are certainly worth a mention. The Oscar Charlie leather jacket stands out as one of my personal favorites, with an essence of Steve McQueen its’ vintage charm makes it a head turner both on and off the bike. High quality full grain leather and subtle brass detailing aide in making this jacket of the heritage quality it is intended to be, while low profile armor in the shoulders and elbows make the rider more protected as well.

I would be remiss if while talking about the Oscar collection I didn’t mention the new Twin Drystar Waterproof Boots. These more casual-looking boots are a wonderful option for the rider who wants to have more protection than a sneaker, but wants to be able to wear the boots off the bike as well. With a unique and edgy greyish-tan color and a step-heel the Oscar Twin Drystar Waterproof Boots are a perfect pairing with any one of the Oscar vintage-inspired jackets. Waterproofing on the chassis and laces make this boot highly functional in wet climates, as does the highly-textured slip-resistant sole of this boot.

A nod to the new spring additions wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the glove updates that we’ve seen for the men’s collection. The SMX-1 Air continues to be one of our favorites for both men and women for its value pricepoint that just can’t be beat. With a full goatskin leather palm and cooling 3D mesh upper chassis, the SMX-1 Air glove is wonderful for a variety of riders – particularly in the warm summer months. A protective floating poly knuckle is the safety-highlight of this short-length glove, while touch-screen capabilities mean you won’t be fumbling with your gloves every time you want to check your phone.

The SP Air glove also has us in full-swoon for summer riding, mostly because of its perforated full-gauntlet styling. With a flexible poly-knuckle and poly slider on the palm the SP Air glove helps protect vital tiny bones in the hand and wrist. Rubber TPR covered vents on the fingers and a 3D mesh upper chassis contribute to significant airflow through this unique and highly functional glove. An abundance of protective and cooling features make this glove not only very comfortable, but one of our top picks for spring and summer riding.

Lastly, the SMX-1 boot will happily round out any street rider’s wardrobe, and at an incredibly low pricepoint. With four different colors to choose from and a boatload of features we’re excited to get our hands on this low-profile street boot. A Velcro pull that reaches from the insole and fastens on the outside of the shoe allow for a very secure fit while riding. While a poly slider at the toe helps not only protect the boot from wear but extends the lifespan of this boot as well.

There are lots of new upgrades and additions to the Alpinestars men’s collection, all of which have us grabbing our helmets and ready to hit the road. With a variety of offerings from boots, to gloves, to jackets, to pants there is sure to be something for every rider in this new and improved collection. Lots of great new additions and interesting upgrades mean even more to love from Alpinestars.