Alpinestars Women's Spring 2016 Collection


For spring of 2016, Alpinestars has continued to broaden the offerings for their women’s Stella line with a variety of unique street pieces. Alpinestars has proven consistently dedicated to bringing women’s gear to the market that fit women’s shapes without sacrificing the technical aspects that have contributed to the prestige of the overall brand.

Some key pieces that highlight the offerings of the gear collection are the additions to the jacket line. The Stella Devon Leather Jacket is one of the jackets that stands out in the additions this season for 2016. While the Devon is available in a men’s version as well, its contoured cut and personalized fit make it a great option for the female street or sport rider. The Devon is also available in an airflow version that is great for extending the seasonality of a rider’s gear wardrobe. The main body of the jacket is made of an incredibly soft but durable full grain leather that will protect the rider and resist abrasion. The CE certified armor in the shoulders and elbows also adds to the protection of the jacket, while the styling makes this jacket as fashionable as it is protective. Whether a long journey or a quick ride around town, the Devon jacket is a stylish, high-quality, and technical piece that is an impressive add to the Alpinestars Stella gear line.

Another jacket that adds to the versatility of the Stella lineup is the Amok Air Drystar Jacket. Like the Devon, the Amok is available in a men’s version partly because of the great price-point that makes this jacket a very staple piece for the touring rider. Alpinestars has made obvious with this jacket’s features, that they’ve put a lot of thought into the amount of time that a touring rider is likely to spend on the bike. The adjustments, dual liners, and soft trim add to the comfort of this jacket that will make it a benefit to adorn for hours and hours on the road. With both a rain liner and a thermal liner, the Amok helps the rider be more prepared to face the elements, and eliminates the need for carrying separate rain gear on the bike. While style isn’t the primary focus of the Amok jacket, safety and visibility have certainly been kept in mind with multiple hits of visibility and class-leading impact protection included. The value of this jacket isn’t to be ignored, with essentially three jackets in one, the price of this jacket makes it an easier point of entry than say a leather jacket would, while still offering significant durability and protection.

In an effort to offer gear for a rider’s entire wardrobe, Alpinestars has also added some unique footwear to the Stella collection. The Stella Kerry Waterproof boot is a great offering for a wide variety of situations including street, sport, scooter, commuter, and cruiser riders. The Kerry boot is CE certified, and has a zipper on the inside for easy on and off, while a buckle sits outside the boot for a bit more custom fit as well as a decorative aspect. The boot is made of a soft, full-grain leather that is available in two different colors; black and brown. Protection has been addressed in the ankle discs on both the inside and outside of the boot, as well as mid weight heel and toe counters. While this boot isn’t as protective as some of the more technical boots that Alpinestars offers, it is a fantastic option for someone who wants to be stylish while they’re riding, without having to wear just a street shoe that has no protection at all.

The gloves that have been added to the Stella collection are certainly worth mentioning for the spring 2016 lineup. The first of which is the Stella SP Air Glove, made particularly unique by the fact that it is both a gauntlet and an airflow glove. While the glove is reinforced with leather panels, the majority of the glove is made up from Alpinestars special mesh fabric that is specifically designed to encourage air movement around and through the fabric. There is also a sports bridge; a leather piece that helps protect the ever-delicate pinky and keep it secured to the ring finger. Plastic panels protect the bones in your knuckles and palm, taking into consideration the need for comfort while not forgetting the protection that is so necessary for riders. Two Velcro straps make this glove very comfortable, easy to get on, and adjustable, while accordion panels along the tops of the fingers and near the thumb continue to add to the comfort of this gauntlet. The SP Air Glove is great for any rider who wants maximum protection on their hands while still having comfort and great mobility on the bike.

Last but certainly not least is the Stella SMX-1 Air Glove, whose value and features make it a fierce competitor among entry-level street and sport gloves. Also available in a men’s version, the SMX-1 glove is an airflow glove that has the unique feature of a full goatskin leather palm. Touch screen capabilities literally at your finger-tips make this and all the other Alpinestars gloves convenient for the casual rider who doesn’t want to take of their glove to look at their phone. While the floating poly knuckle may add to the comfort and protection of the glove, it is the price-point that truly makes this glove stand out as a fantastic value while still offering some protection to a rider who wants it.

Overall, Alpinestars has done a great job of continuing to grow the Stella collection to suit women riders without making them feel like they’re simply putting on a men’s product that has had some pink slapped on it. The entire collection has taken into account the shape and proportions of a woman’s fit without forgetting the protection element of the gear. The gear offers ample style options, fashionable influences, and protection worth sharing; a collection worth mentioning, as is to be expected from Alpinestars.