6D ATS-1 Street Helmet Overview

Finally, after three years of research and innovation 6D has released its first street helmet; the ATS-1. After massive success with the ATR-1 dirt helmets, 6D decided to further their success by expanding into the street market with the brand new ATS-1 helmet. With a goal of including and refining the same impressive technology that made the ATR-1 so incredibly safe and a popular choice for customers, 6D has finally come to market with the ATS-1 for March of 2016.
At first glance, the ATS-1 looks larger than other helmets of the same size which might raise concern with those who like a light helmet. However, the size of the helmet is attributed to the layers of protection built in, and while the helmet looks large its’ additional size does not actually make the helmet heavy. While not as light as some of the single-layer EPS helmets on the market, many riders will consider the helmet light for the amount of protection that has been built in. Coming in at around 3.8 pounds for the size large helmet, the ATS-1 falls in a mid-weight category, and certainly not uncomfortably so.

As mentioned above, the ATS-1 has a unique, patented protection system that makes this helmet stand out among its competitors. The ODS system (Omni-directional suspension) is just that – a suspension system that is built right inside the helmet. Directly against the 3K carbon shell is a layer of EPS, which is the crushable foam that you find inside most helmets. There is also another layer of that EPS just on the inside of the comfort lining as well. In between these two layers of EPS is 7mm of space that holds the focal-point of the ODS system; the ODS Dampers. There are 28 dampers in the ATS-1 that help absorb shock should any force come into contact with the helmet. The dampers allow the outside of the helmet to move somewhat freely from the riders skull, and helps delay the amount of time between impact on the outside, and the force reaching the rider’s skull on the inside of the helmet. This ODS technology makes the ATS-1 an extremely protective helmet, contributing to it exceeding DOT and ECE safety standards.

The features of this helmet don’t stop at the suspension; the shield on the ATS-1 has been designed with several other advanced features that make it a real contender in the premium helmet market. Treatments have been applied to make the shield scratch resistant on the inside and out. There is also a coating that provides the rider with UV protection while on the bike, while care has also been taken to make sure that the shield is distortion-free. The opening for the shield is very wide on the ATS-1, allowing maximum visibility when on the street or track. There is also a unique ratcheting system on the shield that allows it to be ratcheted in up to ten positions, and locks and seals securely closed when the rider chooses to do so. The rider can also lock the shield open slightly to allow for increased air flow when riding at slower speeds. No need to go out and buy an anti-fog shield for your ATS-1, 6D has included a Pinlock shield in the box.
Great care has also been taken to make the ATS-1 a comfortable helmet, particularly for those spending long hours on the bike. 6D has engineered an effective air-flow system in this helmet; with 4 intake and exhaust vents and 15 transfer ports, riders will have the ability to stay cool and dry even in instances of more severe climate conditions. Since the intake ports can be closed, 6D has made the air management experience a customizable one, adding to the overall value of this premium level helmet.

The inside of the helmet features emergency-release cheek pads that can be quickly and easily removed by emergency personnel should the occasion arise, allowing access without having to remove the riders’ helmet. The lining of the helmet is cool and breathable, wicks moisture, and contributes to the cooling aspects of the ATS-1. Should the lining get dirty or sweaty it can easily be removed, washed, and put back inside, making the helmet feel fresh and new again. Many helmets that have supposed removable lining are extremely difficult to use, and often times getting the liner back inside the helmet can be a considerable challenge. The ATS-1, however allows the rider to get the lining in, out, and cleaned fairly easily without the difficulties other helmets often have.

Considering that there are hundreds of helmets on the market, the ATS-1 stands out as being unique and exceptional, somehow managing to stay incredibly stylish while offering cutting-edge protection. The three current color offerings may not be incredibly diverse, but are stylish in appearance and will readily suit most riders’ needs.
From both a protective and a comfort aspect, 6D has without a doubt met the mark on offering a competitive, premium level helmet. While the brand itself is still rather young, the technology 6D is putting out is undoubtedly helping them make a prominent name for themselves. After spending a considerable amount of time with the ATS-1, 6D helmets certainly has garnered our undivided attention.

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