Establishing Designated Motorcycle Parking Zones in Dallas

There’s a new initiative to improve motorcycle parking in the greater Dallas area by way of petition. For those who choose to ride or commute via motorcycle or scooter are most likely well aware, Dallas is less than rider-friendly in terms of parking and accessibility. The new petition calls for the creation of “safe and fairly priced motorcycle and motor scooter parking in all parking lots and parking facilities within the City of Dallas.” As the sixth largest motorcycle owning urban market, it implores law makers to “join the ranks of cities like San Francisco, Philadelphia, Seattle, Boston, Vancouver and Brisbane that have established designated motorcycle parking zones.”

No Parking

Emphasized in the document are multiple compelling arguments as to how this new initiative would be beneficial to the city and its people. Motorcycle transportation can reduce pollution, traffic congestion, parking congestion and roadway wear and tear. Perhaps the most effective argument is not the positive effects of increased motorcycle transportation, but rather the current hardships riders face in the city. From theft, to parking spot conflict with other motorist, to unfair financial impositions; there are numerous struggles riders face that most people, let alone law makers are unaware of.

Locations the petition targets for rezoning are: the Central Business District, and Deep Ellum. The proposed plan requests motorcycle parking zones be designated in both private and municipally owned parking lots. Furthermore, it requests the city repurposes “no parking zones” for motorcycles due to the smaller size of the vehicle. Lastly, it asks one designated parallel parking space every 500 feet to be re-assigned to motorcycle-only parking.

The petition suggests increased parking space can create more patronizing of shops and businesses in the high-density urban areas.

To join in the push for established designated motorcycle parking zones in Dallas, sign the petition here.