Meet the New 2016 Icon Spring Lineup


Spring of 2016 marks Icon’s most ambitious line yet. By expanding all lines (Icon, Icon 1000 and Icon Raiden) and bringing back a few classic pieces, Icon is making strides similar to the massive market share grab made in years past. For spring, Icon touched on every category from head to toe, refining and incorporating features and technology real riders can actually benefit from! Let’s take a look what’s all NEW from Icon this season, shall we?

Alliance GT Helmets

The new Alliance GT is the perfect example of making something good, even better. As the next iteration of the original Alliance, the GT continues to be a highly versatile and high-value helmet. The most critical improvement is the addition of a drop down sun visor, or “DROPSHIELD” as Icon calls it. The DROPSHIELD is easily toggled up and down from the side, and is one of the easiest sun visors to interchange. Icon offers an array of colors or tints for both the DROPSHEILD and PROSHEILD visor. Like the other helmets in Icon’s lineup, the Alliance GT meets “World Standards” which means it passes the prominent safety certifications around the globe (DOT, ECE, SAI, PSC). As Icon’s introductory lid, it’s hard to match the comfort, safety, versatility and overall value Icon has in the Alliance GT.

Motorhead 2 Jacket

The original Motorhead jacket was an Icon staple for 12 years. After a brief hiatus, the Motorhead 2 returns from the ashes with an improved fit, benefiting from a tapered torso and pre-curved arms for overall better on-the-bike comfort. One of the reasons riders loved the OG Motorhead, was from its simple and subtle design and colorway. For 2016, Icon rebirthed the Motorhead 2 with the same intent, to provide a clean jacket that just plain works. The Motorhead 2 is an ideal 3-season jacket featuring chest vents and lots of perforation for warmer months, while the removable insulated liner keeps things toasty even into the Fall.

Wireform Jacket

Another new three-season jacket from Icon, the Wireform takes its stance on the cooler side of the spectrum. No mechanical venting, non-breathable outer material and a “level 1” water resistance makes this this jacket ideal for riders in the northern states where the rain and cold are mainstays throughout the year. A sport-inspired cut makes crouched riding effortless and comfortable for a weather-resistant jacket as well. Icon also has a women’s Wireform Jacket!

Overlord Primary Jacket

If you were a fan of the previous version of the Overlord, you’re going to love the 2016 Overlord. Stealth-like graphics and styling really makes this vented, warm weather riding jacket standout from your average mesh/textile jacket. Tons of airflow “tech mesh” and laser perforation allow cool and comfortable riding in the summer, and the removable quilted liner helps get you through those late spring morning commutes. Much like its predecessor, Icon gave the Overlord Primary an attack fit with a rugged chassis meant for an all-city assault.

PDX2 Rain Jacket & Pant

Being based in Portland, Oregon (hence the name PDX), Icon knows a thing or two about rain showers, so for 2016 they made their PDX waterproof jacket and pant even better. Icon gave the original PDX a fresh new look and updated the sleeves for better sealing against the elements. The PDX2 combo is meant to slip right over the top of your current riding jackets and pants and is easily compacted and storable in a backpack or tank bag. One note on sizing, you simply order the same size as your riding pants and jacket, as Icon has made them to fit over your gear. The PDX2 women’s pant and jacket were given a makeover for 2016 as well.

Hypersport Vests

When it’s time to go sleeveless, the all new Hypersport Vests are in a caliber of their own. Crafted in “TrackSpec” leather and D30 back and side protection, this is the ultimate riding vest for you and your crew. Interchangeable Velcro badges on the Hypersport Prime allow you to easily match the colors you run. The Hypersport Stripped is the same vest, with a much more subtle approach in all black.

ICON 1000

Retrograde Jacket

By now you’ve probably seen Icon’s vintage and urban inspired line dubbed: Icon 1000. The new Retrograde is the pinnacle of the line with Select-Grade hides, hand-cut into an attack fit. You’re not just getting a jacket with superior style, you’re getting one with superior performance as well. External alloy plating in impact areas add the perfect amount of industrial and mechanical styling, while the internal D30 protection amplify the overall safety of the Retrograde. While this jacket has “Retro” in the name, it’s so much more than gramp’s old leather cut. It’s truly a piece you have to see to believe.

If you’re looking to complete the package, Icon created the Retrograde glove. Carrying all the unique, and honestly, badass leather work and titanium alloy plating, the new Retrograde glove is a cool it’s partner in crime.

Oildale Conscript Jacket

Right away, the camo waxed-canvas chassis stands out as one of the coolest jackets in Icon’s 2016 line. Once you put this jacket on, the thought of crunchy, stiff canvas from before; peels-off into the sunset. Stretch Ballistic Nylon panels and D30 internal protection make this as rugged and solid as any jacket out there.


UX Jacket

Icon wanted to make a jacket that could rally with the best of them, and keep up in every condition. The new UX jacket is constructed with a 4-way stretch, waterproof and breathable material making it a perfect shell for aggressive ADV and dual sport riding. If you don’t need a bulky and heavy duty jacket like the Icon Dakar, the UX will still provide coverage from the elements and durability.

UX Pants

One of favorite new products from Icon for 2016 is the UX pant. Like the UX jacket, the pants are waterproof and made of the same 4-way stretch fabric, allowing a ton of movement that is definitely required when “rallying.” The most unique feature is the fact that you’d hardly notice these weren’t jeans! We were fooled for a minute until we actually felt the thinner material. The UX pants are meant to go over the top of your regular riding or casual pants and zip off even with boots on. So if you need an overpant that doesn’t look like an overpant, Icon’s new UX pants are right up your alley.

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ICON 1000 Oildale Conscript Jacket
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ICON Raiden UX Waterproof Jacket
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Icon Motorhead 2 Jacket
Motorhead 2 Jacket
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  • Black/Green
  • Black/Red
Icon Motorhead 2 JacketA jacket worthy to the heir of the Icon name.  The Icon Motorhead™ jacket is more than up to the challenge. Constructed of our 1.2-1.4mm TrackSpec™ leather, it carries all th...
ICON 1000 Retrograde Gloves
Icon 1000 Retrograde™ GlovesBuilt from the finest materials we could source, the Retrograde features a kangaroo leather palm and titanium knuckle plates. D3O® underlays keep the tech level pegged. ...
Icon Hypersport Prime Vest
Hypersport Prime Vest
  • White
Icon Hypersport Prime VestLive fast. Be fast. Go sleeveless. The Hypersport Prime vest is the Hero's devil-may-care brother. TrackSpec™ leather plus D3O® back and side impact protectors are fitted ...
Icon PDX 2 Rain Bibs
Icon PDX  2 Rain BibsFollowing the same design criteria as the PDX 2 Jacket, the 'rain gear that doesn't suck, Icon brings you the PDX 2 Bib. The same rip-stop waterproof material but cut into a hi...
ICON 1000 Retrograde Jacket
ICON 1000
Retrograde Jacket
  • Black
  • Brown
Icon 1000 Retrograde™ JacketOne sees how the Retrograde honors the past while remaining fully fitted for the future.  Premium Select-Grain™ hides hand-cut into an attack fit chassis make for the hi...
Icon PDX 2 Rain Jacket
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Icon Airmada Doodle Helmet
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Icon Aliance GT Honcho Helmet
Aliance GT Honcho Helmet
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  • Black
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Icon Alliance GT Honcho HelmetYou're the kind of person who takes the bull by the horns, eats it, and then engraves artinto its skull. You lead the pack. You and you alone open the pickle jar, jefe...
Icon Women's PDX 2 Rain Bibs
Icon Women's PDX™ 2 Rain Bibs The forecast calls for a 100% chance of nasty. Paired with the PDX 2™ jacket, the PDX2 bibs are a guaranteed rain stopper. Adjustable legs ensure an accurate fit despi...