Rider Tips: Lubing Motorcycle Cables


How To Lube Your Cables

Regularly lubing your cables is one of the easiest ways to restore that "new bike" feel returing that smooth and easy pull

Step by Step

Lubing your cables with tools like the Motion Pro cable Luber is an easy and inexpensive way to return the smooth and easy lever pull that your bike had when it was new. As time goes by and more miles get ridden, your cables start to dry out and collect dirt and grime. This is what makes those clutch leavers feel like an arcade strength tester found at your local dive bar. We've tried many methods of lubing cables, but really, nothing comes close to the Motion Pro tool.


1. Remove Cable From Lever/Perch
Start by disassembling the cable from your lever and pulling it from the perch. Note: removing the entire cable(s) from the bike will be difficult, however, if you are replacing a cable, it's always good to lube it before installing.

2. Know Where Your Cables Go Some clutch cables are connected to an external actuating lever, so you do not need to worry about the lube dripping out the opposite end. However, throttle cables going into a carburetor or throttle body will need to be removed so the lube does not drip into the fuel intake system.

3. Place Cable Into Tool Pull the cable out, so there is enough exposed cable to clamp in the tool. Butt the tool against the outer protective tube, and then tighten both knobs.

4. Lube Cable Using an aerosol lube, place the skinny nozzle into the small grommet on the side of the tool. Its a good idea place a rag around the tool while lubing to prevent overspray (you'll thank us later!).

5. Reinstall Cables Reinstall the ends of the cables in the perch
(and throttle body/carb. if need be). Pay attention to how everything came apart, so installation will be a breeze.

And that's it! This is the perfect winter time or weeknight maintenance project. Be prepared to be shocked just how much better your levers and throttle feel!

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