Sport Touring Tires for Wet Weather Riding

Four-season tires need to be great at three things: Mileage, sporty handling, and wet surface grip. If you’re a sport touring rider, or even sport bike rider who rides year-round, tires are as important as any component on the motorcycle and essential to a full season of riding. We consulted our tire experts to give you five of the best sport and sport touring four-season tires.

1. Michelin Pilot Road 4

Shifting things into gear is the Michelin Pilot Road 4. Like every other tire on this list, the Pilot Road 4 is a successor to a previous tire, and in this case, the Pilot Road 3. According to Michelin, the Pilot Road 4 has 20% greater lifespan, or more mileage, than its predecessor. Not to sacrifice performance for mileage, Michelin uses a silica-charged 2 compound rubber for excellent grip in varying temperatures, which also allows the tire to heat up much quicker. New X-Sipe Technology channels water away for improved wet surface grip and 17% quicker stopping in the rain (according to a 3rd party test). The Pilot Road 4 also comes in a GT version for heavy touring bikes, and a Trail version for the adventure touring crowd making it one of the best all-around 4 season tires.

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2. Avon Storm 3D XM

Big sport touring bikes like the FJR 1300, ZX-14R, BMW K1600GT, etc… welcome the revised Storm tire. The Avon Storm 3D XM boasts a claimed 15-20% longer lifespan over the previous Storm 2 offering a 15,000 mile tread-wear warranty, which is great for those who really put on the miles. In terms of wet surface performance, updated 3D sipe designs offer great water dissipation and overall grip. Like any great sport touring tires, warm up time is minimal thanks to interlocking three-dimensional points hidden in the spine. This means you can stroll into small towns and go right back to the twisties with little worry of the tire stepping out. Now the British know a thing or two when it comes to drizzly weather, and their hard-earned expertise really shines on this high-performance sport touring all season tire.

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3. Metzeler Sportec M7 RR

If you’re on the sportier side of the “sport touring” spectrum, then you want to take a hard look at the Metzeler Sportec M7 RR. Developed at the extreme speeds and ever-changing road conditions of the famed Isle of Man TT, the Sportec M7RR is truly designed for road racing performance. Balancing both wet and dry grip, the stiff carcass enables accurate handling for the aggressive rider. To make things even better, the German tire company managed to increase life span by 20% over the M5. While you may not be Guy Martin or racing the Isle of Man TT, you still need a solid tire that performs well in all conditions, and the Metzeler Sportec M7 RR does just that.

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4. Continental Conti Road Attack 2 Evo

Continental’s newest all season tire, the Conti Road Attack 2 Evo is the latest in tire technology that radically improves mileage and traction. Crafted in a compound what they call “wet grip” the tire-to-road response as good as any. The Road Attack 2 Evo is wrapped in Continental’s patented “traction skin” which is naturally rougher for greater traction and super-fast break in. Continental has dubbed this tire as a “hyper-sport” tire, implying stellar performance in all sport-related motorcycle riding. This smooth and predictable all season tire is ideal for just about any sport touring bike.

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5. Dunlop Road Smart 2

What can be said about the Dunlop Road Smart 2 that hasn’t already been said? Long lasting, surefooted in both wet and dry conditions, and stable handling put the Road Smart 2 at the head of the class. Dunlop has been hard at work developing high-performance sport bike racing tires, and much of that technology has been rolled into the Road Smart 2. Optimized for performance, Dunlop stiffened the tread over the Road Smart 1, to promote even tread wear and reduce squirm under hard breaking. To enhance its wet weather performance, longer sipes help channel rain at a faster rate, meaning more traction for you! There’s a reason Dunlop is such a trusted name in motorcycle tires, and you can trust us when we say the Dunlop Road Smart 2 is a smart choice for any sport/sport touring rider looking for all-season traction.

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