Five Alpinestars Riding Shoes We Love

It’s no secret that motorcycle riding shoes have become increasingly more popular across most riding styles. Being casual, comfortable, and yet protective and supportive, they really make a compelling case most riders simply can’t ignore. Now when the first riding shoes made their way to the market, there wasn’t, stylistically, much variety. Fast-forward to today, there’s quite the selection of riding shoes, ranging from sporty, to vintage, and everything in-between. Perhaps no brand has mastered the diversity of these “shorty-style” boots (unsurprisingly) better than Alpinestars. Pulling from virtually every palette, the Italian boot company makes riding shoes that fit just about any riders’ needs and style.

To showcase Alpinestars’ impressive lineup of riding shoes, we handpicked five of our favorite kicks, with the hopes that at least one pair might grab your eye-and we’re pretty confident they will. Enjoy!

Alpinestars Joey Shoes
The Joey Shoe takes a page right out

of Converse's popular Chuck Taylor

1. Joey Shoes

Resembling the unmistakable look of the ever-classic Chuck Taylor’s, the Joey Shoe really appeals to all riders. Truly encompassing the “best of both worlds” attitude, the Joey can effortlessly be worn off the bike, and still maintain enough support and protection to be road worthy. Toe box, heal and ankle reinforcements offer support and protection in vital areas. The Joey comes in a waterproof and vented options so you can keep your look consistent, when the weather isn’t.

Alpinestars Joey Shoes - $139.95

Alpinestars Parlor Shoes
DryStar is Alpinestars' proprietary Gore-Tex

like material which is wind and waterproof

yet breathable

2. Parlor With DryStar

If there was a boot Donald Trump would wear, the Parlor Drystar riding shoes are it! No matter your stance on “The Donald,” one thing that can’t be argued is that these boots mean business. Full grain leather construction and a traditional lacing closure make you the most dapper rider on the highway. Not meant for just the boardroom, shift pad padding, double density TPU ankle protectors, toe and heel reinforcements and CE certifications keep your feet’s stock intact. To sweeten the deal, the Parlor uses Alpinestars’ “Drystar” technology which has the same wind and waterproofing which Gore-Tex offers, for a true all-season boot. So on your ride to the office, no need to pack a pair of oxfords, just lace up a pair of Parlors!

Alpinestars Parlor DryStar Riding Shoes - $179.95

Oscar Rayburn Riding Shoes
Oscar by Alpinestars is a throwback to the early days of

Alpinestars, thus the uber-vintage and exceptionally

classy styling.

3. Oscar Rayburn Riding Shoes

If you’ve bought into the hipster motorcycle fad (It’s ok, we dig café racers too) then a flashy or, god forbid, mainstream riding boots certainly will not do. While we like to poke fun at our handlebar mustache wearing, coffee sipping brethren, we also have to admit we are jealous of their keen sense of style. Soft leather around the collar, and full grain leather throughout sets off this riding shoe with a pure vintage vibe. Aside from the looks, the Rayburn is packed pull for protective features similar to the Parlor we mentioned above. Before you kick start your 1970’s Honda CB on the way to the Mumford and Sons concert, grab a pair of the Alpinestars Oscar Rayburn riding shoes, for an authentic throwback with premium protection.

Oscar Rayburn Riding Shoes - $269.95

Stadium Riding Shoes

4. Stadium Riding Shoes

On the opposite side of the spectrum from the Rayburn are the Stadium riding shoes. Giving you all the color you’d ever want, the Stadium begs for attention on the streets similar to a rock star in, you guessed it, a stadium. The Stadium is a tad bulkier than the Joey, but that’s because it is more protective. Noteworthy features include CE certification, dual density “mx-style” ankle protection and supports and reinforcements in crucial areas. Now you certainly shouldn’t skate in these, but you shouldn’t ever ride with your vans either. The Stadium riding shoes from Alpinestars is the best option for the young at heart.

Alpinestars Stadium Riding Shoes - $169.95

Stella Josey WP Shoes

5. Stella Josey WP Shoes

We couldn’t talk about riding shoes without mentioning at least one of the many women’s Alpinestars kicks. The Stella Josey is very similar to the Joey, but with a more feminine touch as you might expect. Splashing through the urban drizzle, the Stella Josey WP (waterproof) takes to the street with class and style with a wax treated waterproof shell. And just to show off that Alpinestars knack for flair, the Josey WP shoe comes with either a white woven leather construction or bronze shiny leather. What stands out even more than the leather or fine accents is the fit. Specifically designed with the female in mind, the shape of the sole and overall size has been better optimized.

Alpinestars Women's Stella Josey WP Shoes - $159.95