Best Fall Weather Riding Gloves

Fall is a beautiful time to ride. The changing leaves add a certain air to the atmosphere of your morning commute. Although with the changing scenery comes a shift in weather, making fall a tricky season for motorcycle riders. With the right gear, fall can be the best time of the year to ride. The trick is being prepared for the crisp autumn wind that will chill your fingers to the bone during the mornings and late evenings. All while simultaneously expecting the lingering summer heat that can give you a bad case of sweaty mitts during the day. Of course, we can’t forget about the sporadic rain showers that will have you reaching for those ski gloves. So we set out to find a collection of fall riding gloves that will get you riding through the season, no matter the weather.

REV’IT! Crater WindStopper Gloves

If you live in areas of the country that are fairly mild during early fall the REV’IT! Crater WindStopper Gloves are perfect for you. These gloves are simple, light, and comfortable all while keeping the wind from piercing your hands. Designed with the urban rider in mind, the gloves feature a short cuff with touch-screen device friendly fingertips. The Polar fleece liner makes this glove comfortable and it will keep your hands warm on those early fall morning commutes.

Joe Rocket – Classic Gloves

As Ronnie Van Zant sang: “be a simple, kind of man”-and that’s exactly what the Joe Rocket Classic glove is all about. The Classic is as clean-cut of a glove you’ll find, but don’t let the simplicity discourage you. Crafted with quality leather in a pre-curved design, the Classic fits and feels as good as the name implies. The lack of perforation or vents makes the Classic ideal for chilly mornings, however the thin leather construction won’t make these too hot on your ride home. This is a prefect glove for early fall, or areas of the country that are fairly mild.

Olympia Sports 4370 Cold Throttle Gloves

The Olympia Sports Cold Throttle Gloves are crafted with a mix of deluxe drum dyed leather and durable textured nylon. They were made to perform in the wet weather we often see during fall. The waterproof and windproof breathable aquatex insert is complimented with a lightweight fleece lining to keep your hands warm and dry. If you find yourself in a rain shower the Cold Throttle Gloves will help you keep your grip on the controls with a Toughtek reinforced palm and thumb patch. Olympia kept these gloves warm but light so they are perfect for early-to-mid fall and on rainy days.


The first glove from Alpinestars on our list today is the Corozal Drystar glove. If you take a look at Alpinestars fall lineup, you’ll see “Drystar” just about everywhere. Drystar is their proprietary version of Gore-Tex, which is waterproof yet breathable. Any glove with Gore-Tex or something similar will undoubtedly be a great fall riding glove, just from the rain proofing alone. With that said, what stands out about the Corozal glove the most is the focus on durability, and level of protection. This is hands down (no pun intended), the most protective glove on our list, featuring a hard knuckle protector and numerous foam reinforced padding throughout. The Alpinestars Corozal Drystar glove is the go-to for anyone looking to put in serious miles on the highway.


The second Olympia glove on our list is the first to feature Gore-Tex. Now we touched on what Gore-Tex is, and other copy-cat versions, but Olympia’s 4300 Rain Or Shine features the real thing. What this gives you is a fully waterproof yet breathable material that makes this perfect for either, you guessed it, rain or shine. Bottom line, the Rain Or Shine glove is a straight up 4 season glove.

MotoCentric Recon Touring Glove

Not only does the price point immediately grab your attention, but the Recon Touring glove from MotoCentric is really the first “cold weather” glove on the list. Both waterproof and insulated, the Recon shines in the late fall when the temps really start to drop. The gauntlet is just long enough to go over your jacket cuffs to keep the brisk air from getting up your arms. So when your standard riding gloves can’t take you much further, the Recon will lead the way with warmth.

River Road Taos Cold Weather Gloves

“Hey! Where’s the love for us V-Twin guys”-don’t fret we didn’t forget about you! From styling to weather resistance, River Road’s Taos Cold Weather glove is everything you’d want out of a pure leather fall riding glove. Fully waterproof , windproof, and Thinsulate insulation makes for a warm, and dry riding experience. Like the Recon above, this glove is geared towards the chillier times of fall and into winter. Ladies, there’s an identical version for you here!

Joe Rocket Windchill Gloves

Clean and simple, the Joe Rocket Windchill Gloves are perfect for those chilly fall mornings and late evenings. Unlike many cold weather riding gloves, the Windchill is surprisingly light and comfortable. Joe Rocket ditched the typical bulky feel with 100 grams of Thinsulate and a waterproof Dry Tech mid-liner. Crafted from supple drum Cowhide leather with a pre-curved body this glove is high quality and rider friendly. This glove is designed to keep cold air out making it a perfect choice for mid-to-late fall.

Alpinestars Polar Tex Gloves

The Alpinestars Polar Tex Gloves are compact and sporty unlike many cold weather riding gloves. Although, you don’t want to underestimate the Polar glove. With a combination of Gore-Tex and Thinsulate insulation the Polar glove will keep your hands from being pierced by the fierce cold wind. The body is constructed of a mix of stretch textile and goatskin leather for protection and comfort. Just like any gloves of the future, Alpinestars added touch screen capability and reflective detailing. The Polar Tex Gloves are a great option for early-to-mid fall rides.

Dainese Clutch EVO D-Dry Gloves

What motorcycle gear list would be complete without a Dainese product? Not to be last (and certainly not least), the Dainese Clutch EVO D-Dry glove is an honest street/sport touring cold weather glove. Equipped with D-Dry (Dainese’s version of Gore-Tex) the Clutch EVO keeps the rain, and any internal perspiration out. In true sport fashion, the Clutch is a shorter cuff design and primarily focused on rider dexterity, comfort and protection. The Dainese Clutch EVO D-Dry glove could easily be your go to, non-summer glove.

That’s a wrap on our top fall riding gloves. Keep in mind that even though most of these gloves are primarily 2-3 season gloves, a simple glove liner/heated liner can easily make them winter-worthy. So hopefully when the temps drop faster than the leaves begin to fall, you’ll have this list to fall back on!