10 Must Have Items for Fall Riding

Fall is here, and with it comes football, falling leaves, pumpkin-flavored-everything, rain and cold weather. Now, us riders are a tad more concerned with those last two, as the wet and the cold seem to hit us out of nowhere year after year. This time around, we want to change all that. We want to get you prepared fall, and riding longer into the rainy seasons; after all, who doesn’t want more seat time?

1. MotoCentric MotoTrek 19 Tank Bag

Tank bags can be a rider’s best friend. Clever pockets and storage compartments make for easy two-wheeled transportation for most items you want to take along for the ride. Backpacks can work in a similar fashion, however a tank bag takes the weight off you when you’re riding, and allows more freedom of movement. MotoCentric’s MotoTrek tank bag has made it onto our “must have fall items” list because it has a waterproof gate that slips over the bag, keeping your precious cargo dry. Not to mention a handful of other handy features like magnetic flaps, clear map pockets, and waterproof gates for headphones, phones,mp3s , etc… So this fall, if you’re planning on taking a few items with you down the road, check out the MotoCentric MotoTrek tank bag.

2. Michelin Pilot Road 4 Tires

Every sport touring rider needs a capable set of tires in all conditions. The Michelin Pilot Road 4 tires have been a huge hit among riders, and also one of our favorites here at Motorcycle Superstore. Michelin set out to build a tire that performs well in all situations, with special attention to wet-weather stopping performance. A recent test concluded the Pilot Road 4 stops 17% shorter on wet pavement than the leading sport touring tire competitor, and 24% shorter on slippery wet surfaces. With all that said, we’ve yet to find a time when these ultra-sticky hoops don’t hook up.

Shop Michelin Pilot Road 4 front and rear tires.

3. Dainese Clutch EVO D-Dry Gloves

You can’t talk fall riding gear without mentioning gloves. The Dainese Clutch EVO D-Dry Glove made its way onto our Top 10 Fall Riding Gloves list, and it makes it’s encore performance as a “fall must have.” The Clutch is a versatile mitt, with a sleek enough design for city riders, and durable enough for touring riders. “D-Dry” refers to the Gore-Tex-like material Dainese has developed (used throughout their other fall gear) making it waterproof, breathable and wind resistant. The Clutch is also one of the most protective all-weather gloves making this “little” glove, pack one hell of a punch. Get yours today!

4. TCX X-Street Waterproof Shoes

Kicking things off for riding boots on the list is the TCX X-Street Waterproof Shoe. While riding shoes don’t seem great for fall, TCX’s X-Street Waterproof riding shoe begs to differ. The high-top design and fully waterproof lining is enough to keep highway wind and rain out, all while maintain that “sneaker” look that even Chuck Taylor himself, would envy. CE certification, high wear-resistant rubber soles and reinforced toe, heel and malleolus areas make the TCX X-Street as good of a boot as any. So when the rain and cold hits your metropolis, check these kicks out; we bet your fellow urbanite café-racer friends will approve. Check out the X-Street Riding Shoes!

5. Nelson-Rigg Delux Falcon Defender 2000 Cover

Ever stare out the office as the rain soaks your bike and proceed to explain to your coworkers it’s the rain, not tears on your face? Be in good cheer, a simple bike cover should prevent a soggy seat and grief at the office. The Nelson-Rigg Delux Falcon Defender 2000 cover will certainly do the trick, made of a fully waterproof and even UV protective material. With sizes ranging from M to XXL, you’ll find a cover for your Honda Grom, Gixxer and Bagger!

6. Alpinestars T-Jaws WP Jacket

Who said sport bike riders were wimps? The Alpinestars T-Jaws waterproof jacket doesn’t mind getting wet or combating the cold; perfect for sport riders who can’t get enough grip-twisting. At first glance, the T-Jaws looks a lot like the other leather Alpinestars jackets, however, waterproof Drystar integration with a fully removable thermal liner makes this jacket weather-worthy. Pair that with the sport cut hide, pre-curved sleeves and flexible CE protectors and you’ve got a fall jacket match made in heaven.

7. Olympia Horizon Rain Jacket

Alright, you’ve already got a jacket you love, but it isn’t necessarily waterproof. The Olympia Horizon Rain Jacket is your solution. Designed to be worn over the top of your riding gear, the Horizon can also be easily stowed away once the storm passes. The Horizon jacket’s companion, the Horizon pant, acts in a similar way, keeping your lower half dry as well.

8. Tour Master Solution WP 2.0 Road Boots

So maybe the TCX riding shoes aren’t quite your style (and that’s OK!) the Tour Master Solution 2.0 Waterproof Road Boots should be right up your alley. As one of our most popular boots, Tour Master has found an impeccable combination of all day comfort, protection, weather resistance and value. If you’re looking for a high-mileage boot, that simply gets the job done in the cold and wet, look no further.

9. Firstgear Heated Socks

As we make our way into fall more and more, the temps rapidly start to drop. One of the first things that start to get annoying cold is our feet. Enter in the Firstgear heated socks. Made to take over where your boots leave off, the thin micro fleece sock fits under any boot and connects directly to a troller for easily controllable warmth. We can say with all honestly, these are life savers in the cold, and have kept our feet resembling Longfellow Deeds’ (kudos if you pick up on the Adam Sandler reference). So if you live in parts of the country where fall feels more like winter, the Firstgear heated socks are an easy ride extender! Now if you’re unfamiliar with heated gear, first go checkout our full heated gear guide for a complete breakdown.

10. Icon Squad 3 Backpack

It’s that time of year when the daylight seems to just disappear altogether, making commutes to and from work a rather dim situation. One way to make darker rides safer is the use of hi-viz gear. Now there are plenty of hi-viz jackets, helmets, pants, but if you don’t feel like replacing your favorite pieces of gear, the Icon Squad 3 backpack will definitely add some brightness to your ride. Our first item on this list was a tank bag, but if you don’t have too much cargo, or don’t like the feeling of a bag against your chest when crouched, a riding backpack will do the trick. As a natural body extension while on the motorcycle, the Squad 3 adapts to crouched riding positions well. While this Icon bag isn’t fully waterproof, it is made of water-resistant fabrics, which should do you just fine in a sprinkle or if the roads are wet. So when we roll the clocks back, grab the Icon Squad 3 for more visibility and a comfortable way to pack some gear for the ride.