Honda Unveils Two Grom Scramblers We Can't Wait To Ride (If They ARE EVER Produced)

Big Red has envisioned another segment primed for total Grom-ination – a bit of light off-roading. At least that’s our takeaway looking at the recent Grom50 Scrambler Concepts which are set to be revealed during the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.

There are two iterations, a silver and black number and a matte green/black/silver/brown version. Both feature skid plates, high pipes, mudguards, knobbed tires and single round headlights – basically the standard fare for a scrambler-styled motorcycle. The silver scrambler has more of a classic vibe to it, to our eyes, while the matte green option is more futuristic and the bodywork a bit busier.

There are no details on either model at this point. Honda’s been honoring its past lately in concept form, the Project 2&4 paying homage to the company’s heritage in F1 racing history. Perhaps this Grom concept is a throwback to the line of Honda Z50 mini trail bikes that were sold for decades?

Regardless of intention, we’d really, really like to see these little Grom scramblers put into production. What do you think?