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Alpinestars Celer Leather Jacket Review


This is the new-for-2016 Alpinestars Celer leather jacket. This top of the line sportbike garment is constructed using 1.3mm cowhide leather and utilizes flexible aramidic leather stretch panels on the back to ensure a comfortable but tight fit.

Alpinestars Celer Jacket

As you’d expect for a jacket of this price you get CE-certified armor in the elbows and shoulder, but the Celer does not come with a back protector built in—that Bionic Back Protector is part of the Alpinestars accessory range and clips in at the top of the neck line, and you can also retro-fit a chest protector if you wish.

The Celer has a perforated profile on the chest designed to ensure maximum airflow at speed. To this end the MotoGP-style hump on the back helps direct air into the rear of the jacket. There’s also vents on the collarbone area (part of Alpinestars’ Dynamic Flow Control system), and the stretch panels on the forearms and shoulder blades help further with rider ventilation.
You can also zip the jacket to the Missile leather pants that are part of the 2016 Alpinestars range.

For the colder months you can use the full mesh lining that comes with Velcro-secured pockets, but during summer you’ll be taking this out.

Standout Features

The first thing that jumps out at you when you put it on, is the Celer fits like a traditional Leather sport jacket. Meaning, it fits snug. Second, like most Italian motorcycle jackets, the styling is on point. Aggressive but sleek-dare we say sexy. Last but not least, the Celer provided much more ventilation than expected, making for a cool and comfortable ride.

Rider Impression

I’m not normally one for leather jackets on the road as I find they’re too one-sided towards the sports riding segment. The Celer is definitely aimed that way too, but it’s one of the more comfortable ones I’ve had in recent times.

Alpinestars Celer

All leather jackets of this caliber have a bit of weight behind them and the Celer is no different. You certainly feel the weight when you first put it on but the weight is distributed evenly across the jacket, which is impressive for something with so much armor in the shoulders and elbows.
On the bike the ventilation proved to be one of the standout features. Opening those small vents near the collarbones flowed more air than I thought and I’ve left them open ever since.
The positioning of the armor means, like a full leather suit, you’re automatically put into a semi-aggressive riding stance, which is perfect for the naked bikes I’ve been blasting around on lately. I’m not sure this jacket would work well for a tourer, but then it’s not really aimed at that kid of rider.

Another standout feature is the soft 3D mesh that’s fitted around the cuffs and neck lining. Big, hot days in the saddle can be really horrid in a leather jacket if it starts chaffing and the Alpinestars unit felt great here. The central zip is good quality, but for the money I’d have liked it a little more heavy duty.

One thing I’m not a fan of is because the Celer is such a tight fit, you can’t really have your wallet and phone (especially if you have a massive iPhone 6 Plus like me) stowed away comfortably without it digging into you in a tuck. Oh well, it’s the price you pay for such a snug fit.
Overall the Celer is a very good jacket, although I’d have liked even a thin back protector and a thicker front zip.

Alpinestars Celer Leather Jacket
Alpinestars Celer Leather JacketConstructed with 1.3 mm full grain leather. CE certified protection on shoulders and elbow. Stretch panels on sleeves to further improve fit and feel. Technical pre-...