How MIPS Technology Made It's Way Into Motocross


Over the last few years we’ve seen multiple motorcycle helmet manufacturer's change or implement new shell designs to better compensate for real-world type crashes. When we’re on the bike, we’re either going forward or side-to-side, thus making traditional straight impact testing, non-comprehensive. This leads us to the “buzz word” helmet some companies can’t stop talking about: Rotational Force.

6D and Bell are two companies who have taken it upon themselves to build their own technology to aid in rotational force impacts. However Fox Racing, the biggest gear name in motocross, has decided to adopt an existing liner system called MIPS.

MIPS stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System which was developed by a Swedish organization to mimic the fluid surrounding your brain. Fox is the largest and first motorcycle company to integrate this technology with their products, however MIPS technology has been used for some time in the mountain bike and snow/ski industry.

What the MIPS liner is, is a “slippery” plastic insert between the helmets’ comfort liner and EPS liner. With certain degrees of freedom in all directions, the liner allows the helmet to rotate when an impact occurs. These few millimeters of movement may not seem like much on paper, however in the laboratory, the use of MIPS has proven to have significant less brain trauma in a crash. Fox even claims there is a 20-35% decrease in force trauma due to the system in their new helmets.


In August of 2014, Fox launched their popular V4, and redesigned V3 helmets with MIPS liner standard. For 2016, Fox now brings MIPS to a completely new Youth V3 helmet, which makes it one of two, high-end youth-specific helmets. Now adorned with the signature yellow “MIPS” logo on the back of the shell, Fox’s premium lids can be considered one of the safest helmets on the market. Where Fox helmets stand against 6D and Bell, is up in the air, however you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who scoffs at their commitment to improve on a rather stagnate (and most important) segment.

Some might dismiss the elevated price tag, but any safety conscious rider (which should be all of us) should be chomping at the bit to squeeze their heads into the safest and most innovative brain buckets available.
We applaud Fox on bringing MIPS technology to the motocross market, and strongly recommend you take a long look at their V3, V3 Youth or V4 helmet.

There’s no piece of riding gear more important than a helmet, and the MIPS liner used in Fox’s current helmet lineup may well be the difference between picking your bike back up off the ground, and waking up in the hospital!

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