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10 Things You Didn't Know About Fox Racing

  • 1. Moto-X Fox started in 1974 as a tiny distribution business for European motocross parts and accessories by Geoff Fox, a physics professor at the University of Santa Clara.

  • 2. Fox originally began building high performance engine and suspension components of his own, not gear and apparel they are known for today.

  • 3. Determined to show his products to the world, Geoff Fox started the Moto-X Fox racing team. The team’s classic yellow, red and orange uniforms sparked enough interest from riders that ultimately helped shift their focus to riding gear.

  • 4. With suspension still a major part of Moto-X Fox business, Geoff’s brother Bob would separate the business from Moto-X Fox, and become Fox Factory, INC. or “Fox Shox.”

  • 5. The Fox Forma Boot was the first motocross boot to feature a bootie design, which was later adopted by many other brands.

  • 6. In 2011, Fox used Goodyear rubber in the prototype boots GEICO Honda riders wore.

  • 7. Ricky Carmichael continued to wear Fox when he dropped back down to the 125 class in 1999 on the Pro Circuit Kawasaki team, which had an existing team gear deal with another brand. Wanting to keep Ricky, Fox paid his fine each race throughout the nationals.

  • 8. Fox helped jumpstart the motocross video craze, with their iconic Terrafirma series, capturing timeless footage of even Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart and Travis Pastrana as kids.

  • 9. Noteworthy riders you might not know wore fox: Kevin Windham, Travis Pastrana, John Dowd, David Vuilllemin, Ryan Hughes, Carey Hart and Ezra Lusk.

  • 10. Fox’s high-end “360” Gear Line is most successful gear line of all time, spanning Jeremy McGrath, Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart and now Ryan Dungey.