Venture Heated Clothing - 12 Volt Heated Glove Liners

12 Volt Heated Glove Liners

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Venture Heated Clothing 12 Volt Heated Glove Liners

Continuous Warmth as you Ride Free
  • Imagine going for that long motorcycle ride with warm and steady hands despite the chilly weather. Its strategically positioned heating elements are so thin that you will not even feel it as you grip on the handle bars
  • Enjoy the adrenaline rush as you go for a ride with the 12V Heated Glove Liner
Provides heat right where you need it
  • Positioned strategically around the perimeter of the hand, the 12V Heated Glove Liner promotes blood circulation, thereby spreading comforting heat all throughout your hands
Hours of Continuous Heat
  • The Glove Liner is designed to connect to a 12v DC power source, like the existing battery of your motorcycle, to provide you with as much heat as you need while riding out the toughest weather

Kit includes battery-connector harness and coax plug y-harness.

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