Venture Heated Clothing - 7.4 Volt Heated Base Top


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    Venture Heated Clothing 7.4 Volt Heated Base Top

    Break free from bulky traditional winter wear that merely blocks the cold wind.  The heated base layer wards off the chill from within by producing comfortable heat with Venture's 602 heating system.  Wear it underneath your layers and enjoy all your winter activities. 
    • Heating zone covers the chest area providing 4-5 hours of heating per charge. Includes a 7.2 volt rechargeable lithium ion battery with a charger
    • Heating element has a 4 temp setting : low, medium, high, and max.  The heated base layer top also has a special pocket for storing the battery control.  The heating element has a LED indicator light showing the heating status
    • There is also an automatic preheat function, when first turned on, set the heat to red (highest setting)
    • The controller with automatically switch to lowest setting after 15 minutes.  At that point, you may switch to your preferred heating level.  All battery heated clothing is completely self contained, no need to wire anything to your machine
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    Overall Rating: 4.40 of 5

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    Cost Benefit

    Good product

    It doesn't keep me extremely warm but it keeps you functional and not suffering from hypothermia ... even warms the hands a little, nice to have. I use mine for motorcycling and the only thing that I would improve on is to put the warming panels in the front instead of back. The wind blasts the front of a rider which creates for me a very cold damp chest feeling even while being warmed by the back

    Melvin - February 07, 2013

    (Bay Area, CA)
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