Must Have Fathers Day Gifts

Must Have Father's Day Gifts: What He Really Wants!

If you're like any of us over here at Motorcycle Superstore, you've spent the few weeks leading up to Father's Day debating in your head "what the heck does dad want?" Sure the love of his family and friends are all he really needs, but close behind are motorcycle parts and gear!

So we decided to help all of you who have an awesome dad in their life, give him the best gift he's gotten in years!! Below are our top 10 must have Father's Day gifts, good luck!

MotoCentric Battalion Jeans

Motorcycle riding jeans are the perfect crossover from motorcycle riding pants and casual denim. While remaining inconspicuous still stylish, riding denim offers greater protection and abrasion resistance than his worn out wranglers. The MotoCentric Battalion Jean has Kevlar reinforcments on the knees, hips and seat, making them a great alternative to full riding pants. Priced exceptionally well, the Battalion jean is perfect for Dad to wear on the streets, at work or just out and about!

Price: $79.99

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Alpinestars Blood Sweat & Gears T-Shirt

This classic shirt from a classic brand would be a great addition to any moto-dad’s wardrobe. As one of the most iconic brands in all of motorsports, he’s probably had at least, one pair of boots or gloves with the A-Star logo. So skip the “I got this shirt from…(insert obvious tourist destination)” and get him a shirt he’ll proudly wear.


Buy now! Alpinestars Blood Sweat & Gears T-Shirt

Bell Rogue Helmet

So he’s probably seen the new Mad Max (and if he hasn’t, we recommend checking it out!) and probably digs the post-apocalyptic look. Bell’s Rogue helmet has been a standout for some time, mixing a full face and half-helmet to bring you 100% attitude. If your special guy rides a Harley, V Twin, or café racer, this is the helmet to get.

Price: $249.95

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Fox Racing Typical Snapback Hat

Fox Racing Typical Snapback Hat: If your dad or husband rides, chances are he’s got his favorite moto-hat. And if he’s anything like our dads, his moto hat is a bit tattered and torn. So if the sweat ring, and now brown, sun faded hat is cramping your style, get him a new one! The Fox Racing Typical Snapback will do just the trick!

Price: $11.99

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Pro Taper Tie Downs

Ok, what’s so special about tie downs? Aside from getting your bikes safely from point A to point B, these Pro Taper Tie Downs are loaded with almost stupid obvious features we wish we thought of. Heavy duty swivel carabineer hooks prevent these straps from ever getting unhooked and the soft ties never bark up your handlebars. Trust us, Dad wants a set of these in the bed of his truck.

Price: $31.49

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BikeMaster ¼” Drive T-Handle Set

If dad is a man’s man (which he probably is, considering he rides a freaking motorcycle!) then he probably wrenches on his own bikes. After years and years of wrenching on our own steeds, we can whole-heartedly say, nothing makes wrenching easier than a set of T-handles. BikeMaster’s ¼” drive T-handle set includes a 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and #2 phillips head sockets, the basis for any set of T-handles. No good father will be disappointed with having one in his tool box.

Price: $10.36

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GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition

Has your dad ever comeback from his ride talking about how fast he hit those twisties, or how big the double he cleared at the track is? While you certainly would like to believe him, now you can give him a chance to prove how big of a badass he is! The GoPro 4 Silver Edition is packed full of more features than we even want to list, but one thing is for sure: these little things are flat out amazing. Now you can watch Dad soar through the air in full HD!

Price: $399.99

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Anthem Stealth Gloves

Looking for a glove with no filler and all killer? The Icon Anthem Stealth fits that mold. A lot of what you want, and none of what you don’t, the Anthem is a no BS glove. With armor over the knuckles and a strong Battlehide goat skin palm, this minimalist glove packs a punch. This Father’s Day, papa will be back in black with these mits.

Price: $30.00

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BikeMaster 17-Piece Tool Kit

What’s this? Another BikeMaster Tool? “Hell yes!” is our response. We cannot even begin to stress how important tools are out on the road or trail. This little kit is packed full of common tools to help get dad off the side of the road and back home in your arms. Priced at just over $50 this a perfect gift that just keeps giving. Click the link to see all the tools included (there’s a lot!)

Price: $52.76

Buy now! BikeMaster 17-Piece Tool Kit

Spy Optic Breakaway Goggles

The Breakaway goggle from Spy simply gets the job done. This goggle is a shining star in an otherwise mediocre price category. Giving you the same lens and frame quality as its bigger-more expensive brothers, the Breakaway breaks away from the pack at just a measly $22.85! If dad is due for some new goggles, it’s tough to beat the Spy Breakaway.

Price: $22.85

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