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Dainese motorcycle gear is the essence of Italian craftsmanship, meticulously created and designed for the ultimate motorcycle riding experience. While virtually everything about Dainese screams chic Italian style, protection and safety are synonymous with Dainese. The Italian brand is convinced that safety can be achieved only through innovation in the areas of Protection – Comfort – Style. The combination of all these elements is present in all Dainese’s products and constitutes the basis of the introduction of each of Dainese’s Technological Innovations.

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The track is where Dainese’s name was established and this focus for performance hasn’t wavered one bit over the years. The Crono Perforated One-Piece Leather Suit is a great example of this and besides being one of Dainese’s most affordable suits, it’s also one of their most capable. Heavily armored, the Crono utilizes aluminum shoulder sliders, CE rated knee, hip, elbow and shoulder armor and a small yet aerodynamic speed hump to become a track day fiend.

Not every rider wants or needs a one-piece for their style of riding though and here’s where Dainese’s extensive lineup comes into play. Thoroughly aggressive and yet perfectly suited for the street, the Super Fast Perforated Leather Jacket lets you experience everything a modern sport bike is capable of. And yet thanks to the ultra-supple Nappalan leather, this is a jacket that wants to be worn when you’re off the bike and just hanging with friends.

Jackets like the Super Fast are designed to be paired with a riding pant and pants like the Delta Pro C2 really illustrate the advantages of a two-piece setup. Mimicking their race suits with knee sliders and a mostly leather and textile construction, the Delta Pro C2 is fully capable of track riding but at the same time, just relaxed enough in fit to make a great aggressive street pant.

However, when the speeds go up, so does the risk. Dainese is definitely not oblivious to this and an easy upgrade for all their jacket is the Wave Back Protector. Able to slip into an already built-in pocket, the Wave doesn’t affect fit, doesn’t affect styling, mimics your natural range of motion and increases the chance you walk away from a crash uninjured.

Sport Touring

Sport riding is nice but it happens to be just one facet of motorcycling. The Air Crono is a jacket that has plenty of sport capability but also doubles as a great choice for the ride to work. Its light, has plenty of mesh and have you seen the price tag? Not all Dainese jackets compete in that upper echelon. For style, comfort and protection, the Air Crono is hard to match.

You gotta give the Italian’s credit. Able to seamlessly weave fashion into performance, the Stripes EVO jacket is a great addition to the Dainese line. The idea is similar to the Air Crono but with that vintage cowhide, the look is something any rider can appreciate. Don’t forget though, hidden inside is a thermal liner and a full complement of armor making the Stripes EVO more versatile than it initially lets on.

As with the Air Crono, the Carbon Cover S-ST glove lives in a kind of riding grey zone. Part sport, part touring and part city, this hybrid design doesn’t commit you to just one riding segment. Pair with either a textile or leather jacket and instantly you have the protection for bursts of speed, the comfort to lay down miles and because of the short cuff configuration, an ideal urban glove.

Needing a boot to go with all of this? The Fulcrum C2 hits that sweet spot in sport touring where you have legit weather protection (a Gore-Tex membrane), the ability to walk comfortably off the bike and protective inserts over those critical areas. The profile still maintains a slim and light shape and don’t forget that clean all black leather, it goes with just about any pair of pants.


When you start riding in more diverse weather conditions you need an equally diverse setup. One of Dainese’s most innovative jacket and pants, the Rainsun looks sport but is a legitimate Swiss Army knife underneath. Both jacket and pant are made up of D-Dry waterproof shell and yet when that sun starts shining, pull open those zippers and you have huge mesh panels below. In fact, zip enough and the mesh liner becomes a standalone jacket complete with armor. Four season touring in mind? This is a good place to start.

And while the Rainsun is all about handling bad weather, the D1 EVO jeans are all about good weather. Weather that makes you want to go ride and hang out with friends afterwards. Being an Italian company, the style puts Lee’s to shame and with the ultra-slim, yet CE certified Pro-Shape knee armor, you still have legit protection. These are truly riding jeans that can be worn all day, anywhere.

The second part of this good weather duo is the X-Strike glove. A leather, suede and neoprene construction, the X-Strike splits its time between protection for fast riding and the flexibility and airflow for summertime adventures. Yet look closely and hard sliders off Dainese’s race gloves have been integrated in.

As if made expressly for the D1 EVO jeans, the Street Rocker shoes capture that retro café racer look and turn it into something you can wear in any setting. Beautifully finished leather has all the style you could want and when put that together with the D-WP waterproof membrane, you can ride, hang out and take on bad weather with no consequences.