Dainese Size Chart Dainese Size Chart

Chest: Grab your tailor’s tape and wrap it around your chest. Measure just under the arm pit at the widest point. The key here is to take a slow breath, not puff out your chest, and stand natural.

Waist: The easiest way to get this measurement is by finding the soft area between your rib cage and above your hip bone. Measure around your body, which should be close to your belly button.

Hips: Find the widest part of your hips. This is generally where your pants sit or just below. Pull the tape across your butt and around your hip sockets.

Inseam: The trick is to not be shy, hiking the tape up as high as possible, touching your pubic bone. Standing up nice and tall, you will measure along the inside of your leg down to the floor. This is where some help goes a long way; have them pull the tape taut to where it meets the floor. This will be your measurement (should be done without shoes).

Outseam: Same process as the inseam, however you will start at the hip line (as we mentioned earlier) and pull down the outside of the leg where the tape meets the floor.

Gloves: Using a flexible measuring tape, measure around your hand, behind the knuckles, not including the thumb.

*Sizing information is provided by the manufacture and does not guarantee a perfect fit. Please use this chart as a guide only.

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