Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Heated Gloves

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Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Heated Gloves

Tour Master® Synergy® 2.0 apparel is designed to operate from a vehicle’s standard 12-volt electrical system to provide unmatched levels of warmth and comfort.  With Synergy® 2.0 apparel, wearers can be warm without the bulk and discomfort typically caused by excessive layers of clothing.  By providing increased warmth and mobility in cold temperatures, Synergy® 2.0 apparel helps reduce fatigue while increasing safety and enjoyment.
Each Synergy® 2.0 garment is heated by a series of durable steel fiber heating elements, which generate safe, electronically controlled infrared heat.  In addition to safe and even heating, the steel fiber elements are lightweight, flexible and safe to operate in wet conditions.  It is flexibility that allows Synergy® 2.0 garments to fit comfortably under protective riding apparel.
A new feature for your Synergy® 2.0 heated apparel is the addition of a temperature sensor to each garment.  This sensor allows your jacket to remain at a set temperature for the duration of a ride.  It also serves as an emergency backup should your jacket get too hot.  Combined with the I5A built in fuse in the wiring harness, you can ride in confidence knowing you are safe.
To ensure the best possible performance, it is important that Synergy® 2.0 apparel be form-fitting and fit snugly without hindering wearer movement or comfort.  Heat is transferred to the wearer through close contact between the garment and the wearer’s body.  It is recommended that no more than one thin layer of clothing be worn under Synergy® electrically heated apparel.  Thick layers such as sweatshirts and sweatpants, increase the space between the garment and the wearer, decreasing the effectiveness of the heating elements.
Tour Master® Synergy® 2.0 electrically heated apparel is powered by a 12-volt electrical system.  No matter how wearers choose to use Synergy garments, only one Synergy 2.0 power lead wiring harness per person is needed.

  • Designed to operate in all weather conditions from a vehicle’s 12-volt electrical system
  • Warmth without bulk or discomfort, making for a safer, more enjoyable ride
  • Lightweight, flexible carbon fiber heating elements provide safe, even warmth
  • Expanding panels help increase comfort
  • Synergy 2.0 gloves include the power lead wiring harness, single control rheostat control unit, and an extended v-split connector (v-split connector is required when using Synergy gloves with Synergy pant or vest liners)

**Note: Connecting Tour Master Synergy electrically heated apparel to any other power source besides your vehicle’s 12-volt battery will destroy the heating elements, void the warranty and may cause serious injury or death to the wearer. In addition, Tour Master Synergy apparel cannot be combined with any other brand of electrically heated apparel.

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Overall Rating: 4.40 of 5

(2 Reviews)
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Cost Benefit

Heated gloves

gloves fit close and tight without limiting circulation.

Marvin - March 3, 2016

(Bartlett, IL)





Cost Benefit

Not a bad product

They kept my hands from going numb on a long (1800 mile) trip with temps ranging from upper 30's to mid 40's. Certainly better than good non-heated gloves but my hands were not toasty - they just didn't go numb like they normally do. The thumbs don't seem as warm as the fingers. They did keep my hands dry in wet rain. Below freezing, they would not be enough for me.

Philip - December 16, 2014

(Norfolk, VA)