New Alpinestars Off-Road Boots Guide


2015 Alpinestars Off-Road Boots

The Alpinestars Tech 5 is back by popular demand. For those of you who have been riding for a while, you may recall that the original Tech 5 put Alpinestars MX boots on the map 16-years ago. The new and improved Tech 5 is now considered an affordable off-road and MX style boot that gives up a few advanced features without compromising the protection you expect from your Alpinestars. The Tech 5 has a similar look of the Tech 10 with a one-piece lower mated to a stylish and durable poly upper that creates a racing-quality MX boot at an affordable price, and it does not incorporate an inner bootie.

The new Tech 5 has a four buckle system that is self-aligning and utilizes A-Stars proven easy adjustable straps to tailor the fit to your needs. They have a hinged ankle on the medial side with hard, flexible plastic on the outside of the shell which provides movement front to rear but resists twisting. The single, molded foot case offers a slim design for the toe box and heel that is rigid and resistant to impacts. The rubber sole offers great traction on the pegs while the reinforced internal steel shank provides that extra support for your feet while pounding through rough terrain. If you are looking to get into a quality boot without breaking the bank, then check out the new $269.95 A-Stars Tech 5. They are available in Red/White/Blue, Black or White.

Tech 5 - Best Boot For: Track riders and racers alike. This is affordable so it’s great for young riders who are still growing or experienced riders looks for a racing-quality boot at a reasonable price.

The revamped Alpinestars Tech 8 RS boot returns to its roots in 2015. The traditional design of the Tech 8 has appealed to riders for many years and Alpinestars likes to make people happy. So, the Tech 8 receives an extensive overhaul this year that includes the return of the full-size mesh bootie, better ankle support, an improved rear stabilizer along the back of the ankle and new aluminum buckles.

Tech 8 RS is a CE-Certified dirtbike boot that has become a fixture in the Alpinestars line-up over the past decade or so. Think of it as the indestructible force designed to protect you for many years of riding. The Tech 8 RS is completely redesigned with the main body combining leather and new A-Stars microfiber that allows it to be lighter than ever before. The sole is sewn to the lower in this design which gives that more traditional edge around the bottom of the boot along with steel reinforced toe and heel armor that many riders like. The full inner bootie now features a mesh and textile combination with added shock absorbing padding to improve rider comfort.

Tech 8 RS - Best Boot For: Any riders who prefer the traditional boot design versus the one-piece lowers found on the Tech 5-7-10 series boot. The Tech 8 are built with many replaceable components which extend the service life of the Tech 8 beyond most other off-road and MX boots on the market today.

The 2015 Alpinestars Tech 10 comes in new colors this year, otherwise it is basically the same as last year. It features a slim, one-piece toe box that has been popular since the first Tech 10 was unveiled. The low-profile design allows the rider to have a better feel which makes shifting a braking a little bit easier. Alpinestars is now on the fourth generation of this design so the spine stabilizer along the back of the ankle, hinged ankle flex zones along with the leather flex zones all work together to make it flexible while supportive at the same time. The Tech 10 is now available in the Baby Blue & White or KTM friendly Black & Orange versions as well as the standard color ways.

Tech 10 - Best Boot For: Motocross Racing. This boot was designed to provide the ultimate protection for MX racers but it is very popular with the off-road racers as well because it is light, offers great feel and still provides superb protection.