New 2015 Alpinestars Street Boot Guide


2015 Alpinestars Street Boots

The SMX-3 Boot is the hot new thing in protective footwear as far as A-Stars is concerned. The shorter boots have been growing in popularity the past few years as riders who commute to work and ride for fun search for gear that offers protection and general use at a great value. The SMX-3 is aimed right at them. Dual density ankle protectors, impact protectors on the heel and toe boxes, stretch panel on the front and rear plus a polyamide midsole with shank to provide excellent support against the pegs. With an MSRP of $209.95 the feature-laden S-MX 3 is considered a top of the line short boot.

S-MX 3 Best Boot For: Commuters and touring riders. This is the shorty version of the S-MX 6 so it has the high-end protective qualities in a shorter boot.

SMX-3 Video

The SMX-6 WP is new for 2015. While the SXM-6 has been around for a while now, this is the first year it has been offered in a waterproof version. The SMX-6 WP is a sport touring focused boot would be equally at home on the race track or a long tour of your favorite coastline.

S-MX 6 Street Boots Best Boot For: Touring riders and commuters. The S-MX 6 WP is intended to keep your feet dry and protected while being very comfortable during those long days in the saddle.

The Alpinestars Anaheim Riding Shoe combines important rider protection with every day looks. What looks like an ordinary high top shoe is actually designed with a MX-derived ankle and heel protector integrated into its microfiber construction. It may look like a lace-up skate shoe but the Anaheim offers quite a bit more protection than your old Dr. Jays. Anaheim retail for $169.95 and are available in White, Black or Black/Grey versions.

Anaheim Best Boot For: Commuters who prefer to have a more traditional style shoe that can be worn on or off their motorcycle. The Anaheim features a steel shank in the sole which makes it perfect for those long rides to and from work.

Alpinestars San Diego Riding Shoes are also a new item for 2015. It features a canvas main construction with ankle protection and a vulcanized rubber sole to ensure you have secure footing wherever you may roam. For $149.95 you get an integrated shank provides extra support at the base of the foot so that your pegs don’t dig in over the course of your ride and the peace of mind that you have a little extra protection on those terribly important tootsies. They are available in Black or Grey.

San Diego Best Boot For: This is also a shoe design aimed right at the commuter or recreational rider. It features a plastic shank inside the sole for added rigidity while riding and it costs a little less than the Anaheim.

The Faster WP replaces the Fast Lane shoe from last year. What you get now is a waterproof 1.5mm microfiber shell with a laser ablated rubber sole (Think of a stipe or knurled texture) with an integrated shank, heel and ankle impact protection plus a TPR reinforced ankle, toe and lateral instep protection all held firmly in place by a nifty Velcro securing strap to keep the racy little boot from coming off in a crash. At $179.95 the Faster WP shoe looks as sporty on paper as it does in real life. Plus, there is a women’s Stella Faster WP Shoe available so the ladies can enjoy the sleek look and added protection too.

Faster WP Best Boot For: Weekend sport riders who do not want the long over the calf boot. The Faster is great for riders who want the added protection but not the bulk of a full-size boot.

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