New Alpinestars Leather Street Gear Guide


2015 Alpinestars Leather Street Gear

When it comes to leather motorcycle gear, the name Alpinestars is synonymous with both racing and safety. Any motorcycle rider looking to gear-up in the best leather money can buy, needs to take a look at what A-Stars has to offer. Here are the latest leather suit and jackets for the 2015 riding season. Hot new products unveiled this year includes the ultimate road racing one-piece leathers, the GP Tech Suit, the GP Tech Leather Jacket, GP-R Leather Jacket as well as the Missile & Track Leather Pants. The leather pants will zip into any of the A-Stars leather jackets to form a 2-piece riding suit if you are looking to get the most bang for your buck. Let's start with the GP Tech one-piece leather suit.

Everything about the GP Tech suit Marquez wears is the same as the GP Tech Racing Replica except the public version is not airbag equipped. The quality, the style and ultra-light weight are all ready to be put into action whether you are competing for a championship or just riding at your favorite track day.

As you might imagine, Alpinestars is pretty proud of the GP Tech Suit and rightfully so. This is the most technologically advanced suit the company has ever offered to the public and as the old saying goes: You get what you pay for. In this case you get a suit that combines light Kangaroo leather with bovine leather reinforcements in the critical areas. Perforated leather panels are used throughout the entire suit will keep fresh air moving across the rider’s body while accordion and aramid stretch panels allow for a comfortable range of movement in the attack riding position.

A-Stars Dynamic Friction Shields (DFS) are stylized hard-plastic armored plates integrated at the high-impact areas including the shoulders, elbows and knees will reduce impact damage along with the CE-approved armor padding in the chest, back and hip areas. The GP Tech has a removable 3D Tech mesh inner liner and is designed to incorporate the Bionic Race Back protector with a handy, snap-in-place system as well. If you are looking to protect yourself with the latest in racing safety leather suit, this is the best suit offered by Alpinestars with an MSRP of $2,199.95. It is available in three color combos: White/Red/Black, Red/Black and Black.

Best For: Road Racing & Track Days. The GP Tech is the state of the art suit so it is intended to be worn in competition but for the track day junkie, you can't get a much better suit than this unless you have it custom built.

Leather Jackets

The GP Tech Leather Jacket is redesigned for the 2015 model year. Based on the same design as the new GP tech suit, the GP Tech jacket uses the exact same upper torso configuration but the entire jacket utilizes bovine (Fancy for cow) leather construction throughout. Dynamic Friction Shields (DFS) located in the shoulder and arms offer added protection while CE-approved GPR impact protectors help reduce impact forces in the back and elbow areas. A nifty road-going feature is a waterproof wallet pocket and removable windbreaker membrane. The GP Tech jacket is designed to be used with the Bionic race back protector connection system. The jacket features a zippered waist and is intended to be worn as the top of a two piece set-up with the A-Stars Track pants. The GP Tech retails for $999.95 and it is offered in the following color options: Black, White/Red and White/Yellow.

Best For: Sport Riding & 2-Piece Track Day suit: This is the top of the line leather jacket so it is right at home on the street. Combine it with the new A-Stars Track Pants and you have a 2-piece leather suit that will be acceptable for use by most Track day providers.

The GP-R Jacket is also redesigned for 2015 with a broader fit that will accommodate riders with bigger physiques. Stretch panels located in the armpit, chest and sleeves offer increased room for larger riders. The GP-R is constructed of full grain leather with stretch panels and CE-certified Bioarmor impact protectors and it accommodates the Bionic Race back protector connection system as well. It does not come with a liner and it has a retail price of $479.95. It is available in Black, Black/Yellow and Red/Black/White.

Best For: Big Street & Sportbike Riders. A-Stars offers this jacket as a great piece of gear for sport or street riders alike. You can even match this to the Track or Missile Pants to form a 2-Piece riding suit for even better coverage when you are tearing up the canyons.

Alpinestars Leather Street Pants

Alpinestars offers two different leather riding pants that are designed to complement its entire leather jacket line-up. The question often comes up regarding which pants are designed to go with which specific jacket. Well, the good news is that we have the info you need. The Missile pant is intended to be the sport riding pants with knee slider and CE- protection. The Track pants are intended to offer maximum protection for use as more of a two-piece suit that you can use on the street or in many cases , at your favorite track day. Just check their rules to be sure they are OK with riders wearing a two-piece suit.

The Alpinestars Missile Leather Pants allow you to combine any of the A-Stars sport leather jackets to a good looking pant with knee sliders and ample accordion stretch zones that allow them to remain comfortable over the course of a long day of riding. The Missile pants retail for $399.95 and are available in three different configurations to accommodate riders with different inseam length. Short and Tall options give two-inches less or two-inches more length to the inseam versus the standard pant so refer to the size chart when choosing your pant. The Missile pant is only available in black. The Alpinestars Missile Pant features a waist connection zipper and is intended to be used with the Celer, GP Pro, GP-R, Jaws, GP Plus R or Avant leather jackets.

Best For: Street & Sport Riding. The Missile pants only come in black and they are intended to give the street riders much more protection than you can get from a pair of Levis (For example). They will zip to most A-Stars jackets to for the 2-piece suit too.

Alpinestars Track Pants look like half of a road racing suit for good reason: Because that is what they are. The Track pants are designed to complement the high-end replica sport leather jackets aesthetically and functionally. The Track pants feature removable CE-approved armored pads, reinforced seating area with abrasion resistant panels on all impact areas, replaceable knee sliders, perforated leather across the thigh area and Kevlar stretch panels for maximum flexibility and comfort while in the riding position. The Track pants retail for $479.95 and they are available in white black or solid black as well as Short and Tall versions. The short versions are only available in black. The Alpinestars Track pants feature a waist connection zipper and is intended to be used with the new GP Tech, Atem, Celer and GP Pro leather jackets.

Best For: Sportbike Riders, Street and Track Days. Yeah, you can mate the Track pant to any quality A-Stars jacket but it goes great with the GP tech. Together they form just about the best 2-piece riding suit you could buy.