New Alpinestars Gear Buyers Guide


2015 Alpinestars Fall Collection – New Products

Fall is a great time to be a motorcycle enthusiast. The riding season is at its peak, weather is nearly perfect and the roads are starting to open up as all the family travelers are preparing to go back to school. It is also the time of year when most companies reveal new motorcycles and new motorcycle gear to tempt you into replacing that worn out kit. Alpinestars, a manufacturer of quality protective riding gear, has just unveiled its 2015 line-up including leather suits, leather jackets, textile jackets, street boots and dirtbike boots.

Make no mistake, Alpinestars is a company devoted to protecting racers and you need to look no further than their excellent reputation for building leather racing suits that are worn by knee draggers around the globe. The fastest motorcycle rider on the planet right now is Repsol Honda ace Marc Marquez. He wears the A-Stars GP Tech suit and Alpinestars want you to be protected just as well as him.

There are two different materials that A-Stars uses as the base design of its street bike gear: Leather and Textile. If you are looking for the ultimate in leather street bike, road race and sport riding jackets then you will want to check out the entire 2015 Alpinestars Leather Street gear collection. The highly advanced GP Tech 1-piece riding suit is the premier track suit for the discerning knee draggers among us while the GP Tech leather riding jacket offers that same look and feel in a jacket. There’s more jackets, pants and gloves to choose from so hop on over to the 2015 Alpinestars Leather Street collection and check out the videos and in depth look at each of them.

While the leather is built for maximum protection on the road and track, the 2015 A-Stars Textile Street Gear Collection is aimed directly at the street bike and touring crowd who prefer the light weight and reduced cost of the high-tech textile jackets, pants and gloves. New products for 2015 include the Bogota touring jacket, Megaton touring or daily commuter, Stella T-Jaws WP for the ladies or any of the various Ride Out series gear that is a dramatic change in the direction we normally expect from a performance gear manufacturer like Alpinestars. For a more detailed look and videos, check out the 2015 A-Stars Textile Street Gear Collection.

If you are looking at the A-Stars street boots then you are already a step ahead of the competition at the stoplight-canyon Grand Prix. There are so many riders on the road that take the easy way out and don’t properly equip themselves with protective gear for their feet. But you are not one of those riders. What A-Stars has done this year is introduce a couple new boot designs like the S-MX 3, S-MX 6 WP and the less-technical Anaheim, San Diego and Faster WP riding shoes. Taking care of those toes, feet and ankles has never been easier or looked so good. Check out the 2015 Alpinestars Street Boots Guide for additional details, information and video.

If you are like the rest of the hard core off-road riders you probably enjoy your old, reliable and broke in riding boots. Nothing feels quite as good as slipping your feet into a familiar boot that doesn’t pinch, bind or rub you raw after a few hours of pounding the trail, blitzing whoops or sailing over the top of your favorite sand dune. But every once in a while you should upgrade your equipment and the new and improved Tech 10, Tech 8 and Tech 7 dirt bike boots should give you a great excuse to take the plunge. We have compiled video and information on each of the 2015 A-Stars Off-Road Boots Guide in an effort to guide you through the process of choosing which boot has the features to satisfy your riding needs.