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2004 Yamaha FJR1300 BikeMaster Street Bike Batteries

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TruGel Battery
You save $18.74 (15%)
BikeMaster TruGel Battery BikeMaster has supplied a battery with undeniable reliability, durability, and safety by incorporating Nanogel technology. This technology provides a vibration and shock resi
Maintenance Free Battery
You save $5.96 (9%)
Bikemaster Maintenance Free Battery Ready for almost any application, the BikeMaster Maintenance Free Battery is just as suitable for high performance sport bikes as it is for utility ATVs. Once fille
AGM Platinum II Battery
You save $9.96 (10%)
BikeMaster AGM Platinum II Battery Once filled and sealed, the BikeMaster AGM Platinum II Battery provides strong cranking power and long life. Coming in fitments for both dirt bikes and street bikes,

Latest Reviews

Mark K. (San Antonio, TX)


good choice

My battery mounts on it's side. This battery was approved for the application. Started right up. Put a slow charge just to top it off. Starts quickly. Good battery.

Alex (St Marys, GA)


Worst Battery I've Ever Bought

Bought this battery in September 2013 and installed it on the bike (it fit well and install was easy). I rode the bike until December 21st (when I found it dead) got a replacement in December. I put it in mid-February and the battery lasted until March 28th. I rode the bike almost every day to and from work and for leisure and this battery died on me twice within a 2 month period. I've since contacted BikeMaster and they sent me an upgraded battery, hopefully this one lasts longer. All the reviews for the new one say its one of the best. I would not recommend this battery it died twice within 2 months and it drove me insane.

Richard (Cottonwood Falls, KS)


Bikemaster MF Battery

Delivered quick and fit was good for 1997 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500. One month rating for quality is a bit early. Install was uneventful. Thanks Motorcycle Superstore, you have become my go-to source for Honda, Harley, and Kawasaki motorcycle parts!

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