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MIPS Helmets: Innovation in Energy Management

You’ll find the intricate history of MIPS helmets here, along with a review of their revolutionary design and testing procedures. Below, you’ll also find a selection of the newest and most current MIPS products; a comprehensive review and the best shopping experience all in one place.Learn more about MIPS helmets.

Best Dirt Bike Upgrades

In a sport where every ounce counts we as dirt bike riders are constantly looking for something that will give us an edge. It doesn't matter if you dodge trees or huck massive triples we all want the same thing, to improve the performance and handling capabilities of our dirt bikes. This is our guide to help you get the most out of your new dirt bike. Watch Video.

Sportbike Jackets for Fall

Fall can be tricky with crisp early mornings and late evenings. With the right gear it can also be the best time to ride. These are our top picks for Fall weather Sportbike jackets. Watch Video

Denim Riding Jeans

Don't want leather? Check out these Kevlar infused riding jeans that will perform to your expectations and are also in tune with your lifestyle. Watch Video

Sportbike Helmets Under $300

Get a helmet that can keep the pace so you can keep your wheels spinning and head straight. Helmet manufacturers understand that you need features from a professional caliber helmet without the high level price tag. They also understand you need a lid that fits your style. So we picked the best performing helmets available for under $300. This is your guide to helmets that have the style and features you need without breaking the bank. Watch Video.

Best Riding Gloves For Fall Weather

Fall is a beautiful time to ride, but also a very tricky riding season.The shifting weather may have you reaching for those ski gloves, but the lingering summer heat encourages a bad case of sweaty mitts. So we set out to find a collection of fall riding gloves that will get you riding through the season, no matter the weather. Read More

Adventure Touring Helmet Guide

What type of helmet is best for adventure touring riders? We break down street, dual sport and dirt bike helmets to help you find the best adventure helmet. Read More

With a rich heritage in motorcycle racing, Alpinestars continues to introduce innovative products that take performance to a new level for 2017.READ MORE

Pirelli has upgraded their already highly regarded lineup of sport tires.From touring to World Superbike Championship caliber tires we review the best of Pirelli's innovative line.WATCH VIDEO


Fox just released their new 2017 gear. Check it all out, right here! READ MORE


Like your motorcycle, your helmet is comprised of multiple components or parts that work together. As the most critical piece of safety gear you should wear when riding, it’s a good idea to become familiar with your helmet’s anatomy. This will also help you when it comes to purchasing a new helmet, as you’ll be familiar with the terminology used throughout the product description or product reviews.READ MORE


Whether you ride for fun, to sightsee over long trips or to break up the monotonous of the commute, you’ll need a jacket that is protective, versatile and ultimately comfortable to wear. What separates a touring or commuter style jacket from its racier sport bike brethren, is that they’re made a bit more practical in both fit and function. Don’t tell your diehard sport bike friends, but let’s face it, riding in full tuck for more than 20 minutes isn’t the most practical, and that’s why you’ve hopped on a more upright and comfortable bike! Watch Video


You protect your head with a helmet, you protect your feet with boots, so why not protect your upper body? If you’ve ever taken a rock off the back of a 450, then you know, roost hurts, but roost isn’t the only reason we wear chest and upper body protection. Unfortunately falls happen, and the same reason you wear other gear is the same reason you should wear a chest protector. Check out our guide on the different types of chest protectors


Cruising along into the warmer riding season are our 2016 spring and summer V-twin and cruiser jacket favorites. With the heat of the sun above and the heat of those twin cylinders below, your heavy leather jacket might not be the best way to suit up when the mercury rises. Luckily we’ve shifted up a few gears from the past and cruiser style jackets are now not only rough and tough, but also cool and breathable. Watch Guide


Alpinestars has added and upgraded a whole range of pieces to their men’s collection for the Spring of 2016. From jackets to boots, to pants, to gloves – the collection has been tweaked for the better in many regards just in time for the warmer riding months. Read More


Let's face it, most of us accumulate most of our adventure time during the warmer months of the year. Every good two-wheeled explorer needs an equally good jacket that will protect the rider from the elements, the road and provide utility as well. We picked six of our favorite warm-riding season adventure touring jackets, and go over them one-by-one to help you find the best jacket for your riding! Read Guide


For spring of 2016, Alpinestars has continued to broaden the offerings for their women’s Stella line with a variety of unique street pieces. Alpinestars has proven consistently dedicated to bringing women’s gear to the market that fit women’s shapes without sacrificing the technical aspects that have contributed to the prestige of the overall brand. Read More


A new season of off road riding is here, and with it comes new boots! Whether you race every weekend, or take the family out on the trails having boots are equally as important. So we hand picked our favorite boots for the 2016 season across the whole spectrum! WATCH GUIDE


A new riding season brings all new boots! We hand picked our favorite sport and race-inspired boots of 2016 and go inside each boot. From beginner to seasoned track day guy, we've got a boot that will get your revs up! WATCH VIDEO


Whether you just bought your first bike or have been riding for years, finding the right motorcycle helmet can be challenging. With a diverse range of brands, features, styles and prices it’s not always clear which one of the 500+ helmets on the site is best for you. As the piece of gear that very well can save your life, you’ll want to make an informed purchase READ GUIDE.


We break down the Pirelli Scorpion MX Tire lineup to help you find the right style and size tire for your bike and the terrain you ride. It's no secret deciphering tire names and sizes can be a challenge, but there's no need to worry with our overview! CHECK OUT THE TIRES


Spring of 2016 marks Icon’s most ambitious line yet. By expanding all lines (Icon, Icon 1000 and Icon Raiden) and bringing back a few classic pieces, Icon is making strides similar to the massive market share grab made in years past. For spring, Icon touched on every category from head to toe, refining and incorporating features and technology real riders can actually benefit from! Let’s take a look what’s all NEW from Icon this season


The safest helmet is one that fits right, luckily the headaches of getting into a properly fitting helmet have been alleviated with our sizing guide! Learn a few trick and tests to ensure you get the safest helmet for your head! READ GUIDE

Motorcycle Jacket Buyer's Guide

Not so many years ago, buying a riding jacket was fairly simple,only because the choices were limited. Times have changed and today there are so many jackets on the market that finding the right jacket is more of a challenge than ever. Our jacket buyer's guide is intended to educate you and help you make sense of all the options to help you get the perfect jacket for your riding needs. Read the complete Motorcycle Jacket Buyer's Guide.


Tires are the link between you and the road. So we're giving you the lowdown on everything motorcycle tires. From tire pressure, sizing and how to read sidewalls, you'll be confident in making the right tire purchase for your bike and riding style. READ MORE

Best Sport Touring Wet Weather Tires

Four-season tires need to be great at three things: Mileage, sporty handling, and wet surface grip. If you’re a sport touring rider, or even sport bike rider who rides year-round, tires are as important as any component on the motorcycle and essential to a full season of riding. We consulted our tire experts to give you five of the best sport and sport touring four-season tires...Read More

How To Size A Race Suit

Finding a well-fitting race suit that meets all your riding needs has never been an easy task. We set out to give you the end-all-be-all when it comes to finding the correct riding or race suit, complete with sizing and measurement tips, protection options and even body-type specific recommendations. Watch Sizing Guide

Dirt Bike Tire Buyer's Guide

Did you know that not all tires are meant to work well in all terrain and soil types? In fact, most tires are engineered for a specific environment. We'll show you the best tires for each soil types, and explain why they perform well in those situations. Also, we'll give you the inside scoop on how to set up your tires for maximum performance on the track or in the woods. Read Full Article Here.

Five Alpinestars Riding Shoes You'll Love

It’s no secret motorcycle riding shoes have become increasingly more popular across most riding styles. Being casual, comfortable, and yet protective and supportive, really makes a compelling case most riders simply can’t ignore. Now when the first riding shoes made their way to the market, there wasn’t, stylistically, much variety. Fast-forward to today, there’s quite the selection of riding shoes, ranging from sporty, to vintage, and everything in-between. Perhaps no brand has mastered the diversity of these “shorty-style” boots (unsurprisingly) better than Alpinestars. Pulling from virtually every palette... Read More

Best Riding Gloves For Fall Weather

Fall is a tricky season, crisp cool mornings and sporadic rain showers will have you reaching for the ski gloves, but the lingering summer heat encourages a bad case of sweaty mitts. So we set out to find a collection of fall riding gloves that will get you riding through the season. Read More

How To Choose The Right Motorcycle Exhaust

It's no secret an aftermarket exhaust can dd a few, much desired ponies to your ride. However, the benefits of a new exhaust can go far beyond just power enhancements. We'll show you what exhausts are best for your riding style, how to tune your bike to mach the new upgrade, and other factors you should be aware of. Read the full guide Here.

Finding The Best Dirt Bike and Motocross Exhaust

A new exhaust can be the simplest and most effective upgrades to your dirt bike. Whether you race motocross or spend your weekends in the tree filled single track, each bike can benefit from just a new slip on or silencer. What exhaust works best for you? Find out Here

RAIN GEAR BUYERS GUIDE - For fans of old Hollywood reruns on TMC there’s a particular song by Gene Kelly that might come to mind when the weather turns against us: Singin’ in the rain. While the prospect of riding in the rain doesn’t always keep us home, it’s hard to get excited to go ride when the streets are turning to rivers and you’re getting smacked in the face with raindrops that feel like they were shot out of a BB gun. Read Complete Article

10 Must Have Fall Riding Items

Fall is here, and with it comes football, falling leaves, pumpkin-flavored-everything, rain and cold weather. Now, us riders are a tad more concerned with those last two, as the wet and the cold seem to hit us out of nowhere year after year. This time around, we want to change all that. We want to get you prepared fall, and riding longer into the rainy seasons; after all, who doesn’t want more seat time? Read List


You can't put a price on more seat time, and the best way to stay out on the streets when the temps drop is heated motorcycle gear. We'll walk you through the ins and outs of heated gear and what's out there that will keep you toasty while you're twisting the throttle!READ GUIDE

MOTORCYCLE LUGGAGE BUYER'S GUIDE - A motorcycle becomes so much more functional when it can carry passengers and their travel necessities too. That’s where motorcycle luggage comes in handy. Whether it’s simple, functional commuter cargo, classic saddle bags or large capacity hard bags, there’s motorcycle luggage to suit everyone’s needs. Read Complete Article

Street Bike Protective Riding Gear Guide

The age-old motto is "dress for the crash", and if you feel the standard safety equipment (helmets, gloves, boots, etc...) isn't confidence inspiring alone, you're in luck. The range of additional protective gear, is seemingly endless, from full upper body suits, to more robust armor pieces which slip into your current jacket or pants. For an overview of what's out there, best brands, and which pieces are most effective for different circumstances, Read Our Guide

Motorcycle Protection comes in a number of forms so we are going to take a look at the many different products on the market these days. Basically, Riding Protection include armor, padding or braces that are intended to supplement your primary gear like helmets, jackets, pants, boots and gloves.
Read More

Dirt Bike Protection Guide.

Hear from pro off road racers and even our employees how they feel riding in different protective pieces. From head to toe, there are multiple options to help give you that extra protection on the track or trails. We'll give you the run down on the most popular options, and how they work.Read Guide.

DUAL SPORT HELMET SHOOTOUT - We take an in-depth look at four of the best dual sport helmets on the market: The Arai XD-4, Shoei DS Hornet, AGV AX-8 DS and the Icon Variant. Read Complete Article

VENTED GEAR BUYERS GUIDE - We never quite know when it will show up but at some point the dog-days of summer, with all of its shimmering heat and high humidity, will arrive. The challenge for riders when the temperatures rise is to stay cool and look good while you’re doing it. Vented gear provides an excellent combination of protection that also allows free-flowing air to pass around the rider’s body, creating a cooling effect which, for all intents and purposes is supposed to make those warm weather rides survivable. Read Complete Article


No matter what you ride, having a good pair of riding boots is always a good decision. Purpose built motorcycle boots will always have an advantage over standard casual shoes in terms of safety and performance, and are one of the few essential pieces of gear you should always wear. Taking a glance at the multitude of boots available, it might be overwhelming finding a starting point. Never fret! We’re here to help, and will walk you through the primary types of boots and their benefits. READ MORE