How To Change a Dirt Bike Rear Tire

How To: Change a Dirt Bike Rear Tire

Want to save time and money? Then change your own freakin' tires.

We'll walk you through our preferred technique for changing tires, step by step, covering the tools necessary.

Tools Needed

Tire Changing Tools

Tire Irons
• Valve core remover
• 12mm wrench
Tire pressure gauge
• Lubricant (Windex, or soapy water works well)


Tire Changing
Keep all your parts

in one organized space

1. Remove wheel from bike. It’s a good idea to assemble the axle, wheel spacers, nut and axle blocks and set them aside.
2. Place wheel on a cloth or piece of cardboard on the ground, and remove valve core, letting the air out completely. Loosen the rim lock as well, pushing the stem in toward the tire (this will help break the bread).

Tire Changine

3. Break the bead by either using spoons to pry or using your hands and feet to push the tire off the rim.
4. With the sprocket side down, place multiple spoons in between the tire and the rim, and start lifting the tire over the rim.
5. Remove the tube, flip wheel over and repeat.

Tire Changing Tips
This method is called the

"over-over" technique

6. With the tire on the outside of both sides of the rim (over-over technique), stand the wheel up, and rotate it until the rim lock is at the bottom. You may have to bounce the wheel to get the rim in to the cavity, this will give enough room to grab the wheel, and pull it out of the tire.
7. Inspect wheel, particularly the rim strip and rim lock, for damage. Clean if needed.
8. If your tube is in good shape, reinstall the valve core, and inflate the tube a bit (this will help the tube from pinching). Then place the tube in the new tire. Quick tip is to set the new tire out in the sun or inside to warm the rubber up, making it more pliable (you’ll thank us later).

Change Motorcycle Tire
Start at the rim lock side.

Place the rim lock in the

tire by pushing the stem in

before you grab your Irons

and start spooning the tire on.

9. Starting with the sprocket side up, slide the tire on, starting at the rim lock. Then push the tire down around the wheel. This is when lube is useful. The more tire you get on the rim now, the less spooning you’ll have to do later.
10. Starting at the rim lock, place tire irons on both sides of the rim lock, and start spooning the tire on the rim.
11. Once you’ve gotten the tire on that side of the wheel, the next step is to get the vavle stem through its rim hole. Place a tire iron on the opposite side of the rim and pull the tire over the rim. This will give you enough space to reach your hand in, and push the stem through. Immediately tighten the valve stem nut so it doesn’t slip out.

Changing a Tire
Watch the tube inside

the tire to prevent pinching

12. Flip the wheel over, and begin to spoon on. It’s important to push the tube away from the rim, when placing the tire iron in. This will keep the tube from pinching.
13. Once the tire is fully installed, inflate until the bead seats on the rim fully (you may need to completely deflate and re-inflate with a bit of lube in a few stubborn spots).
14. Tighten the rim lock, tighten the valve stem.
15. Reinstall the wheel on the bike, with a cleaned and re-greased axle. Using your pressure gauge, set your tire pressure. Adjust chain if needed.

Suggested Tire Pressures

Tire Pressure

Sand/Mud: 12 PSI front, 10 PSI rear
Intermediate: 12 PSI front, 13 PSI rear
Hard Pack: 11.5 PSI front, 11 PSI rear
Off Road Racing/Trial Riding: 13 PSI front, 14 PSI rear.

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