Nelson-Rigg Bike Covers Size Chart

Nelson-Rigg Deluxe All Season Cover
Covers Sportbikes Under 750cc Sportbikes 750 – 1000cc Sportbikes Over 1000cc
Falcon Defender Medium Large X-Large
Falcon Cruiser   Medium Large
Deluxe All Season Medium Large X-Large
Econo Medium Large X-Large
Silver Streak Medium Medium Large
Dust Large Large X-Large
Half UV-2000 Medium Medium Large
Trike Dust      
Pocket Travel Medium Large X-Large
Nelson-Rigg Econo Cover
Covers Full Size Tourer Trike (1) Scooter (2)
Falcon Defender 2X-Large    
Falcon Cruiser      
Deluxe All Season 2X-Large    
Econo 2X-Large   Small
Silver Streak      
Dust 2X-Large    
Half UV-2000 X-Large    
Trike   Universal Fit  
Trike Dust   Universal Fit  
Pocket Travel 2X-Large    
Scooter     Medium / Large

Sizing For Sportbikes 750cc And Over Include Cruisers With Windscreen And Accessories.

Sizing For Full Size Tourer Is Including Biges With Saddlebags And Tail Trunks.

1 = Universal Fit For Most Trikes.

2 = Size Medium Fits Most 50cc, And Large Fits Most 80cc.

The Sizing Chart For Nelson Rigg Covers Is Intended As A Guide Only.

Correct Sizing Depends On Many Factors We Have No Control Over: Types And Sizes Of Accessories Installed For Example.