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Dirt Bike Kill Switches

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OEM Replacement Kill Button
$13.56 - $14.36
You save up to $3.59 (20%)
BikeMaster OEM Replacement Kill Button Replace a worn out or non-working dirt bike kill switch with this OEM Replacement Kill Button from BikeMaster. Exact in stock appearance and mounting Plu...
Kill Switch
$11.95 - $13.25
You save up to $0.70 (5%)
  • Black
K&L Kill Switch OEM-Type replacement kill switch designed to match stock unit.
Moose Racing Billet Kill SwitchDesign prevents button internals from being damaged in a crash CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum with an anodized finish Special rubber coated wires with injection m...

Latest Reviews

james (devine )

Cost Benefit

NGK B8ES Spark Plug

Fast Shipping-Great Price and did the job. Great Improvement over the existing plugs.

Mayhem (Sacramento )


Sort of kind of mostly right.

I'm an e3 fan. however, matching these to bike didn't tell me that I'd need a non-standard plug socket. Now I must figure out how to deal with that since it is not "for the bike" sized. Also, no mention that I'd have to de-thread the "car" plug wire socket so it would fit on the bike. While I love the e3 stuff, and the bike after 1/2 tank seems to like the plugs, these were not the drop and swap that were advertised. Plug wire caps required vice grips to remove (x 6 plugs) and it took a bit to figure out that metric sockets were not going to cut it for this. Better comments, packaging and socket sizing would be good if you are going to "right size"

Chris (Trenton )

Cost Benefit

Fits my 2010 Majesty

NGK is the only brand of Spark Plug I use. I chose the Iridium version since I do a lot of high speed riding. And my single cylinder revs quite high on the highway. Never had any issues in over 5,000 Miles.

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