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S&S Cycle Air Horn Kits
S&S Cycle Air Horn Kits Fully machined from lightweight aluminum alloy casting Highly polished 2-1/2? or 4" long Includes air horn, support bracket, mounting screws, carb-to-manifold bolts a...
Boyesen Power Wing
Power Wing
$89.99 - $116.99
You save $12.96 (10%)
  • Gold
Boyesen Power Wing Increased airflow performance Increases horsepower and torque in 2 and 4 stroke bikes Aerodynamic design maximizes velocity generation and power gain Wing channel minimizes dis...
Boyesen Power X-Wing
Power X-Wing
You save $12.96 (10%)
Boyesen Power X-WingThe Boyesen Power X-Wing will increase power and torque by straightening airflow within the carburetor or throttle body throat The enhanced flow of air from the inlet, reduced a...

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Anyone who knows engines even just a little will tell you that air is just important as fuel. As one of three major components of combustion, air flow may do more than you think. So if you want the most out of your motor (who doesn't?), then it's time to look at where your engine gets its air. Motorcycle Superstore has a great selection of motorcycle intake products that will increase the amount of air you can get to your engine. From velocity stacks to intake manifolds, you'll find it all right here. Save on top brands like Moto Tassinari, Scary Fast, Boyesen and more. Be sure to use the bike selector to see which intake parts fit your bike, and if you need any help at all, feel free to drop a line with our friendly parts experts.

Latest Reviews

Tony (branyan )


manifold conversion kit for fxr superglide

Fitted my 1987 fxr perfectly. Did away with the old rubber manifold. Excellent product, would highly recommend it for this application. 5 days to arrive in Australia. One very happy rider.