New 2015 RevIt Gear

Fall Collection - 2015

REV'IT! Quartz H2o Rain Jacket
REV'IT! Quartz H2o Rain JacketWho knew that rain gear could look this stylish? The 100% waterproof REVIT Quartz H2O Jacket will keep you dry on the inside and stylish on the outside thanks to its d...
REV'IT! Nitric 2 H2o Rain Jacket
REV'IT! Nitric 2 H2o Rain JacketA stylish rain jacket made from highly technical materials and equipped with all of the desirable features a high-end rain jacket should have. The non-sticking PVC-f...
REV'IT! Cyclone 2 H2o Rain Jacket
REV'IT! Cyclone 2 H2o Rain Jacket The Cyclone 2 H2O is the range's no nonsense rain jacket. Made from highly technical material constructed in a clean design, the Cyclone 2 H2O does exactly what it...
REV'IT! Pacific 2 H2O Rainsuit
REV'IT! Pacific 2 H2O RainsuitThe REV'IT! rain wear collection received an upgrade last season. The Pacific H20, which has been a best seller since its 2011 introduction, just got better. An update...
REV'IT! Taurus Gore-Tex Gloves
REV'IT! Taurus Gore-Tex GlovesThe Taurus GTX is REV'IT!'s topnotch glove within the GORE-TEX® group. It uses the best insulation material, PrimaLoft® Eco with Grip control, for the highest warmth t...
REV'IT! Borealis Gore-Tex Gloves
REV'IT! Borealis Gore-Tex GlovesThis glove gets its warming power from the PrimaLoft® Gold insulation layer which protects the most vulnerable areas: the upper hand and fingers. The palm features g...
REV'IT! Kryptonite Gore-Tex Gloves
REV'IT! Kryptonite Gore-Tex GlovesA winter glove designed to keep the hands dry and safe. These are not designed to keep hands warm during extreme cold winter days, but they will keep all wind out ...
REV'IT! Hydra H2o Gloves
REV'IT! Hydra H2o GlovesThe short-cuffed Hydra H2O gloves are perfect for cold and wet urban days thanks to the waterproof hydratex® membrane and insulating Thinsulate® G liner combined with warm t...
REV'IT! Crater WindStopper Gloves
REV'IT! Crater WindStopper Gloves The Crater WSP gloves are equipped with WINDSTOPPER® to prevent wind chill while riding at speed. The short-cuffed gloves are ideal for urban use on colder days, a...
REV'IT! Jackson Jacket
REV'IT! Jackson JacketThe Jackson jacket is a technical take on a traditional shooting jacket. A hydratex® membrane provides a waterproof outer shell, while a detachable liner lets the rider stay c...
REV'IT! Commuter Pants
REV'IT! Commuter PantsThe Commuter trousers are best described as the chicest and most comfortable high-end over pants you'll ever have in store. They have the functionality of rain trousers yet th...
REV'IT! Orlando H2o Jeans
REV'IT! Orlando H2o JeansThe Orlando H2O keeps you protected from the elements as well as the road, thanks to a 100% waterproof membrane laminated to the polycotton stretch denim 3L. Strategically ...
REV'IT! Women's Hydra H2o Gloves
REV'IT! Women's Hydra H2o GlovesThe short-cuffed Hydra H2O Ladies' gloves are designed with a ladies' specific fit. They are the perfect cold and wet day urban glove by virtue of the waterproof hyd...
REV'IT! Women's Galaxy H2o Gloves
REV'IT! Women's Galaxy H2O GlovesThe Galaxy H2O Ladies are the Galaxy glove patterned for the female hand, with all other features remaining identical. The Thinsulate® G insulation features large a...
REV'IT! Women's Orlando H2o Jeans
REV'IT! Women's Orlando H2o Jeans The ladies version of the Orlando H2O is based on the original Orlando H2O but incorporates a true ladies fit. The combination of polycotton stretch denim 3L and s...

Spring Collection - 2015

REV'IT! Shield Jacket
REV'IT! Shield JacketThe REV'IT! Shield jacket is sportbike performance for three seasons. Equipped with both a waterproof Hydrate G-liner and a thermal liner, the Shield is able to live up to its ...
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REV'IT! Raceway Jacket
Raceway Jacket
You save $70.00 (28%)
  • Black/Neon Yellow
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REV'IT! Raceway JacketA doppelgänger to the Shield jacket, the REV'IT! Raceway is for the rider who doesn't need rain and cold protection and wants something a little lighter fitting. Made up of re...
REV'IT! Airforce Jacket
Airforce Jacket
  • White/Black
  • White/Red
REV'IT! Airforce JacketThe Shield is for three seasons, the Raceway for mild climates and the REV'IT! Airforce for temperatures that stretch well into the hundreds. Generously supplied with large m...
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REV'IT! Royale Boots
Royale Boots
You save $50.00 (17%)
  • Black
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REV'IT! Royale BootsHave we mentioned once or twice before that REV'IT! makes smart looking motorcycle gear? Yeah, we've said it more than a few times. The all new Royale boots don't deviate from t...
REV'IT! Women's Monroe Jacket
REV'IT! Women's Monroe JacketFor an adventure touring jacket, the REV'IT! Women's Monroe falls into that Goldilocks size category. Not overloaded with design features, the Monroe is likewise not to...
REV'IT! Radiant WB Jacket
REV'IT! Radiant WB JacketA soft shell jacket that can pull double duty, the REV'IT! Radiant WB is a stylish standalone off the bike and a warm insulating layer when on it. Fleece lined on the insid...
REV'IT! Defender Pro GTX Jacket
REV'IT! Defender Pro GTX Jacket Like the stalwart in REV'IT!'s lineup, the Defender Pro GTX jacket crosses multiple genres with its extremely versatile design. Founded upon a 3 layer construction (...
REV'IT! Regent Boots
Regent Boots
  • Black
REV'IT! Regent BootsA close brother to the Royale boot, the Regent also uses a water resistant leather and waxed suede construction but bumps up the ruggedness factor with a thicker, more pronounce...
REV'IT! Dominator GTX Summer Gloves
REV'IT! Dominator GTX Summer GlovesREV'IT! has gone all in with the Dominator GTX gloves. Just like the identically named jacket and pants, the gloves feature a genuine Gore-Tex construction that i...
REV'IT! Abbey Road Gloves
REV'IT! Abbey Road GlovesClassy, timeless designs seem to come easy for REV'IT! and the Abbey Road gloves are just one more example of this. Pieced together with drum dyed goatskin, the constructio...
REV'IT! Factor 3 Pants
REV'IT! Factor 3 PantsVersatility is a word that can be overused at times but we feel quite safe in proclaiming the REV'IT! Factor 3 pants versatile. Built to be worn year round, the Factor 3 recei...
REV'IT! Women's Factor 3 Pants
REV'IT! Women's Factor 3 Pants When you have something that works well, why not share it around? REV'IT!'s Factor 3 pants are more than good enough for the men so with a few specific tweaks you get...