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Do Wrap Beanie Snow Head/Neck for Women

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Do Wrap
Genuine Sweatvac Ventilator Cap
$16.99 - $17.99
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Do Wrap Genuine Sweatvac Ventilator Cap Rated for temperatures and heat indexes from warm to hot Combines the seamless contour superb sweat management of the Skull Cap with a 4-way stretch me...

Latest Reviews

John (Newport News )

Cost Benefit

Moves around on a full face...

Nicely made, fits well, comfortable, but I use it for both the sweat absorbtion as well as minimizing helmet hair, but to do those things it has to STAY IN PLACE. My problem is that as I put on one of my full face helmets, especially my more close fitting high performance one, it will usually move off my head as the helmet is pushed down, requiring several tries. I ended up getting another one that goes further down and covers my ears. It does work fine for my open face helmet though.

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