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    Schuberth SRC-S Communication SystemA partnership between Cardo Systems and Schuberth, the SRC-S Communication System is a G4 unit tailor made to work with the S2 helmet. Installing in minutes, this s
    Sena Technologies Bluetooth Mic & IntercomThe Sena Bluetooth Mic & Intercom is an ultra-slim, light weight microphone that allows users to make an intercom call. It may function as a microphone when p
    Motocomm Thumper 2 Helmet Speakers Helmet speakers with enhanced bass response Use hook-and-loop backing material for installation All connectors are weatherproof Upgraded connectors Sold in pairs
    N-Com B4 Bluetooth Kit for N104 Helmet
    You save $37.96 (10%)
    Nolan N-Com B4 Bluetooth Kit for N104 Helmet The N-Com B4 is the revolutionary new N-Com communication system, specifically designed for the N104 helmet. The innovative installation system mounts be
    N-Com E-Box Bluetooth Kit3 PLUS
    You save $42.96 (16%)
    Nolan N-Com E-Box Bluetooth Kit3 PLUSRevolutionize your motorcycle riding experience by fitting your Nolan helmet with the exclusive N-Com Bluetooth Kit3 PLUS communication system. Dedicated to those
    Schuberth SRC-System for Schuberth Helmets A fully integrated communication system for the Schuberth C3 and C3W helmets. The new SRC-System is a Cardo G4 communication system which is integrated into
    N-Com Basic Kit 2 for N42 Helmet
    You save $10.96 (10%)
    Nolan N-Com Basic Kit 2 for N42 Helmet With Basic Kit2, you can connect via cable your Nolan helmet pre-set with N-Com to a mobile phone or to multimedia devices: Mp3 players, satellite navigators,
    Bell SMH-10 Clamp and Boom Microphone Boom microphone clamp specifically for Bell Mag-9 Sena Helmets **Note: This kit is necessary when mounting a standard SMH-10 to a Mag-9 Sena helmet, but is incl
    Tandem Pro 2 Kit
    You save $9.75 (15%)
    ChatterBox Tandem Pro 2 Kit The Chatterbox Tandem Pro 2 Kit (TP2KIT) has a sleek new design. Incorporates great features which include true stereo sound, rechargeable Li-ion battery, USB charging cabl
    UClear Digital
    UAP200 Accessory Kit
    You save $6.00 (10%)
    UClear UAP200 Accessory Kit Use your HBC200 controller with a second helmet with this complete kit from UClear. Kit includes an extra set of high fidelity speakers with embedded microphones and a wide
    Open Face Headset for XBi Unit
    You save $6.00 (15%)
    ChatterBox Open Face Headset for XBi Unit Open-Face Noise Reducing Headset/Mic for use with XBi Bluetooth Wireless Intercom Recommended for Flip-Up/Modular helmets **Note: For cle
    AGV AGVoice Wireless Communication System AGVoice is the new wireless communication system based on Bluetooth® technology for AGV helmets designed to accept it, Horizon and Skyline. AGVoice differs fr
    J&M BCD279 Full-Face Helmet Headset These headsets provide the industry's best combination of wind and ambient noise reduction with the AeroMike®III miniature microphones The versatility of

    Latest Reviews

    Jake (Woodland Hills, CA)



    It is just an overall terrible product. It always cuts in and out when trying to listen to music or speak to somebody, they can NEVER HEAR me and that's even with shouting at the top of my lungs. The speakers are terrible as well so you'll need to soldier new speakers to it if you want to hear anything, and there's too many buttons just complicating it even more.

    Alex (Bronx, NY)


    Great option flexibility

    This item should have came with the main unit. Although the speakers are ok, I prefer ear buds. This product gives me the option to use any head phone.

    Charles (Maineville, OH)

    Cost Benefit

    Not quite as advertised

    Ok, this is advertised as premium audio. Not quite; the sound is tinny and not very loud due to the distance from ears. But it's good enough, I guess. Installation is iffy. I put a cable holder on the outside of my helmet and held it down with a cable zip tie.

    Ntasha (Derby, DBY)



    The installation of this little head set was amazingly quick, within 10 minutes of taking it out of the box I installed and linked to my phone. I do find the fit isn't brilliant I quite often get my ears folded/caught when putting my helmet on. Listening to satellite navigation is great and don't have to worry to much about seeing the screen, however the music quality isn't brilliant, but this could just be the recording quality. I find it all very tinny and lose the voice track at high speeds.

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