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    Pro Taper
    Pillow Top MX Grips
    You save $1.29 (10%)
    Pro Taper Pillow Top MX Grips Vibrasonix pillow top eliminates vibration and cushions impact Tacky gel-like surface compound is perfect for offroad riders Inner core compound is perfects the bonding ...
    Pro Grip
    699 Sportbike Gel Grip
    $9.19 - $10.39
    $8.99 - $9.39
    You save up to $1.00 (10%)
    Pro Grip 699 Sportbike Gel Grips Special Gel compound reduces vibration 125mm **Note: For use with twist throttle applications Grips are all open end grips
    Pro Grip
    719 RVGS Open End Gel Grip
    You save $1.54 (10%)
    Pro Grip 719 RVGS Open End Gel Grip "Reduced Vibration GEL System" Deep grooves wrap around the gripping area Special designed GELS 120mm **Note: For use with twist throttle applications
    Internal Mirror Adapter
    You save $1.96 (10%)
    CRG Internal Mirror Adapter Internal Mirror Adapter from CRG allows Bar End Mirrors to mount to internal end of smooth bore, hollow handlebars with i.d. as small as 12mm (.475") and as larg...
    Standard 7/8" Handlebars
    You save $7.99 (10%)
    Renthal Standard 7/8" Handlebars Renthal 7/8 handlebars re-wrote history when they became the first aftermarket aluminium handlebar to be fitted as OEM on a Japanese motorcycle. All Honda CR/CRF and ...
    7/8" Street Handlebars
    $69.95 - $79.95
    $62.96 - $71.96
    You save up to $7.99 (10%)
    Renthal 7/8" Street BarsRenthal 7/8 handlebars re-wrote history when they became the first aftermarket aluminium handlebar to be fitted as OEM on a Japanese motorcycle. Features:7/8" (22mm) external d...
    Western Power Sports
    Off-Road Handguards
    You save $4.96 (10%)
    WPS Off-Road Handguards Aluminum inner bar wrapped in plastic roost deflector for added protection Comes complete with all necessary hardware Fits all 7/8" standard handlebars Optional adapter mounts...
    Pro Taper
    SE Series 7/8" Standard Handlebars
    You save $6.99 (10%)
    Pro Taper SE Series 7/8" Standard Handlebars The SE bar is Pro Taper's 7/8th inch diameter handlebar designed for riders who still prefer the feel and stability of a cross bar. Transworld Motocross ma...
    Rally Pro X-Strong Handguards
    $83.99 - $88.99
    You save up to $20.96 (20%)
    Acerbis Rally Pro X-Strong Handguards Includes X-Strong universal mounting hardware Aluminum guard for maximum strength Nylon composite material injection molded in and around the aluminum guard for ...
    Pro Grip
    714 Dual Sport MX Grips
    $9.95 - $10.29
    $8.99 - $9.29
    You save up to $1.00 (10%)
    Progrip 714 Dual Sport MX Grips Special gel compound for maximum vibration absorption Extremely comfortable for street, dirt, or dual sport riding **Note: For use with twist throttle application...
    Pro Taper
    Universal Bar Mount Kit
    You save $4.00 (10%)
    Pro-Taper Universal Bar Mount Kit Adapts solid mounted triple clamp bar mounts from 7/8" to 1 1/8" Precision CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum Adds ¾" to rise of handlebars Pad not included **C...
    Moose Racing Aluminum Handguards Aluminum handguards for mini (65cc-125cc), standard, and oversized handlebars Constructed from high quality 6061 T6 aluminum alloy Pre curved to f...
    Pro-Bend Center Reach Clamp Racer Pack
    You save $12.96 (10%)
    Cycra Pro-Bend Center Reach Clamp Racer Pack Complete Racer Pack includes CRM Probend Bars, CRM mounting clamps, Classic Enduro Shields, Powergrip Bar Ends and Probend Abrasion Guards Revolutionary p...
    Grip Donutz
    You save $0.29 (10%)
    Renthal Grip Donutz During those long motos you can only ride fast as long as you can hold on for. These Renthal Grip Donutz not only make your bike look "Factory" they will help save the inside of...

    Staff Picks


    How Do I Find the Right Handlebar for My Motorcycle?

    Dirt Handlebar Buyers Guide

    Handlebars serve as one of the most crucial components on your motorcycle. As the main point of contact between you and your bike, having a great set of handlebars is just as important as any other part or mod you can make to your bike. More often than not, the stock set of handlebars that come on your dirt bike or ATV isn't the right bend for you. While OEMs use bars that try and fit the average rider, you are unique! Also, in order to cut costs, most motorcycle manufacturers use lower quality and easily bendable steel or aluminum bars. Here at Motorcycle Superstore, we want to make sure you have a quality set of great fitting and durable handlebars that will last you for many riding seasons.

    When it comes to choosing an off road handlebar, there are two trains of thought.
    1. Standard 7/8 inch bars
    2. Over-sized tapered bars

    Your standard 7/8 inch bars are what come stock on a majority of bikes. You don't have to upgrade or replace your existing clamps if your stock bars are 7/8 inch. This makes them the obvious choice for many. Brands like Renthal, Pro Taper and Tag make great 7/8 inch handlebars that will resist bending in an event of a crash, decrease vibration and ultimately feel more comfortable.

    Introduced around the year 2000, the over-sized or "fat bars" are relatively new to motorcycles; however, they have taken over as the pick for serious and professional racers. The over-sized bar is 1 1/8 inches in the middle and tapered at the ends to fit your current components, like levers and throttles. With the added thickness, these bars are very hard to bend and more durable. Some bars may come with a cross bar and others may not. At the end of the day, it comes down to rider preference. Bars without a crossbar will allow the bar to flex more and provide a more forgiving ride. Bars with the crossbar will give you a more precise and ridged feel. Due to the extra thickness, standard clamps will NOT fit, and will require new 1 1/8 inch clamps.

    Check out this measurement guide to understand which bar bend will suit your needs.

    Motorcycle Handlebar Measurement Guide

    Street Bike and Cruiser Handlebars

    Aftermarket motorcycle handlebars are the perfect way to customize and personalize your bike. While adding comfort and better ergonomics, our selection of street bike and cruiser handlebars will also add some serious style.

    For the sport bike rider and racer, check our wide variety of clip-on handlebars from major brands like PSR, Renthal, Vortex, and more. These set of bars will provide more stability, comfort and control while you're flying down the streets or the race track. You'll also find a ton of bars with unique bends great for even vintage cafe racers.

    For those who want to take on the open highway, we offer a huge selection of ape hangers, clubman handlebars and other custom looking cruiser and Harley motorcycle bars. We always have the best prices on your favorite brands like Roland Sands Designs, Biltwell, Emgo, Drag Specialties and many more.

    Want to find the right motorcycle handlebar for your bike? Use our bike finder to see what fits your machine.

    As always, feel free to live chat with an expert if you have any questions about what handle bar is right for, or how to order.

    Latest Reviews

    Barry (Lahaina)


    Lightweight bar end moldings

    I chose these because my old bar end weights were beginning to rust. They are light and look well made. Fitting them was easy because they just screw right on. Unfortunately, the left-side one isn't wide enough to fit over the handlebar fitting, so there's a gap on that side. The other one, for whatever reason, snugs right up to the rubber grip, but does not touch it. I was concerned that the light weight would allow unpleasant vibrations through the bars, but so far that has not been a problem.

    Jeffery (Beaumont)


    Customer review for Emgo Magna Hawk Handlebars

    They are perfect for my needs and are of great quality.

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