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Magnetic Steel Oil Drain Plug
You save $2.07 (20%)
BikeMaster Magnetic Steel Oil Drain Plug It's hard to believe that a little bolt with a magnet can improve the performance and lifespan of your motorcycle. BikeMaster's Magnetic Oil Drain plug wi...
Athena Primary Gear SetThe primary gear set from Athena provides a higher gear ratio than stock (22%-33%) depending on the model, for more top end speed. Actual product may differ from web image
Athena Hyper Race 70cc Big Bore Kit The Hyper Race 70cc Complete Big Bore Kit is the race version of the popular Athena 70cc Big Bore kit with all of the components you need to make your engine rac...
$169.95 - $170.95
  • Aluminum
Athena CrankshaftAthena crankshafts are a great alternative to an OEM replacement crankshaft and are manufactured to the the highest standards Actual product may vary from web image
2-Stroke 70cc Big Bore Kit
$179.00 - $202.95
You save up to $6.00 (2%)
  • Aluminum
Athena 2-Stroke 70cc Big Bore KitAthena's Big Bore Kit features a cast aluminum cylinder with a nickel carbide plated bore. All Athena kits come with a cylinder, cylinder head, piston assembly (pis...

Latest Reviews

Jonathon (Anaslime )


Very Nice Drain Plug

It was a little hard to start it going in the right angle because the magnet kept moving it out of alignment. I had to put a socket on it to keep it straight while threading it in! 14 mm wrench versus the original 17 mm size to tighten it down. The smaller size does allow me to use a close end wrench vs the larger original size I could only use a Socket wrench. The gasket / washer is not the copper type it is stainless steel, not like the picture .

Charles B (Fort Myers )

Cost Benefit

Big Bore Kit

This kit has what you need to get overall better gains on both ends. I also bought the 17.5 carb and electric choke kit. After seeing the gain with big bore, decided not to install the carb as there was going to be multiple modifications that needed to be done. Stay with the Big Bore Kit although install the set of reeds to get air and fuel you need. I installed on zuma 08, you do not need the shim the block, just use the gasket, I did thread test and for mine you dont need the shim.

Skin Thistle (Huntersville )

Cost Benefit

Athena gears

Everything fit very nice. The gears mesh very good. Threads in very good shape. You will need a hydraulic press to change the gears.

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