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    Top Oils & Chemicals

    ACT-EVO X-TRA 4T Engine Oil
    $8.49 - $31.99
    $6.99 - $26.99
    You save up to $5.00 (16%)
    Castrol ACT-EVO X-TRA 4T Engine OilAdvanced synthetic blend protection for 4-stroke enginesTriZone technology - designed and tested to provide superior protection for engine, clutch and gearboxExceeds...
    Power RS Racing 4T Engine Oil
    You save $2.60 (18%)
    Castrol Power RS Racing 4T Engine Oil Castrol Power RS Racing 4T with Trizone Technology is a fully synthetic 4 stroke engine oil for high performance bikes. Its Race Proven Technology based on Castr...
    Chain Clean
    You save $1.79 (20%)
    Motul Chain CleanChain Clean cleans all types of chains (on road and off-road) Removes all encrusted deposits : dust, sand, soil, oil Its chlorine-free extreme grease removal formula is perfectly suit...
    Blue Label Chain Lube
    $8.95 - $14.95
    $7.40 - $11.75
    You save up to $3.20 (21%)
    PJ1 Blue Label Chain Lube Designed for O-ring and X-ring chains Clear formula won't fly off Has a "memory" that bounces back to absorb chain lash Reduces chain stretch and the requirement for frequen...
    Super Clean Chain Lube
    $8.99 - $14.99
    $6.65 - $11.09
    You save up to $3.90 (26%)
    Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube is a unique premium product designed exclusively for motorcycle and ATV 'O' ring chains. It sprays on evenly and provides complete coverag...
    300V Ester Synthetic Oil
    $18.95 - $69.95
    $15.16 - $55.96
    You save up to $13.99 (20%)
    Motul 300V Ester Synthetic OilUsed by World Superbike Champions and scores of other world class racers. 300V is completely POLAR in molecular structure, causing it to bond to metal and protect against...
    Fork Oil
    $6.49 - $161.95
    $5.58 - $139.28
    You save up to $22.67 (14%)
    Maxima Fork OilMaxima Fork Oils are formulated from the highest quality base oils and advanced additives to prevent foaming, seal hardening, oxidation and "stiction". Lubricinol provides for very low ...
    Power RS TTS Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil
    You save $2.50 (17%)
    Castrol Power RS TTS Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil Castrol...Technology to match your machine Today's touring, sports and V-Twin motorcycles operate on the razor's edge of power, performance and reliabili...
    Chain Wax
    $7.50 - $11.50
    $6.45 - $9.89
    You save up to $1.61 (14%)
    Maxima Chain Wax Maxima Chain Wax is a superior power spray lubricant designed for all chain care needs. It's special ParaFilm™ formula creates a waxy film similar to Cosmoline, offering long term pr...
    7100 Synthetic Oil 4T
    $16.95 - $62.95
    $13.56 - $50.36
    You save up to $12.59 (20%)
    Motul 7100 100% Synthetic Oil 4TFor high performance bikes with 4 stroke engines, integrated gearbox or not, wet or dry clutch.Very high film strength to protect the engine and gear box Easier and fas...
    Cycle Logic Engine Ice Coolant Made of Propylene Glycol which is biodegradable and non-toxic Premixed with de-ionized water which eliminates all impurities - even distilled water contains particles o...
    5100 Ester/Synthetic Engine Oil
    $12.50 - $51.95
    $10.00 - $41.56
    You save up to $10.39 (20%)
    Motul 5100 Ester/Synthetic Engine Oil A high performance 4-stroke ester synthetic blend lubricant that provides better shifting and less wear due to extreme pressure additives and an anti-foaming agen...
    SC1 Silicone Detailer
    You save $1.47 (14%)
    Maxima SC1 Silicone Detailer High gloss SC1 Clear Coat is specifically formulated for the Powersports industry. SC1 coats plastic, fiberglass and painted surfaces. Makes the clean up process easier - ...
    Chain Lube Road
    You save $1.99 (20%)
    Motul Chain Lube Road Road racing formula Super tacky to resist high speed fling Works on O-ring and non O-ring chains Net 13.5oz/Fluid 9.2oz
    Mobil 1 Racing 4T 10W-40 Oil Reformulated for on-road, off road and competition 4-stroke motorcycles and ATVs Re-engineered for cleaner running engines and high power output Optimized for high-te...
    Maxum4 Premium Oil
    $7.99 - $182.75
    $6.87 - $157.17
    You save up to $25.58 (14%)
    Maxima Maxum4 Premium Oil Maxima's Maxum4 Premium is a superior product featuring advanced additive technology in the development of highly stable and long life multi-grade motorcycle specific oil. B...
    Spray Cleaner
    $19.99 - $26.99
    Plexus Spray Cleaner Cleans, polishes and protects all clear and colored plastics Keep your helmet, windshield, fairings, etc. looking newer, longer
    Pro Taper
    Grip Glue
    You save $0.80 (10%)
    Pro Taper Grip Glue10-25 second working time Grip is usable within 5 minutes 1 oz. bottle will bond up to 12 sets of grips Widely used by many race teams
    DOT 4 Brake Fluid
    You save $2.34 (26%)
    Bel-Ray DOT 4 Brake Fluid Bel-Ray's Super DOT 4 brake fluid is specially formulated to exceed all DOT 3 & 4 specifications and SAE J1703 and FMVSS 116 specifications. What this means to you is except...

    Top Oils and Chemicals Brands

    Shop PJ1 Motorcycle Oil   ChemicalsPJ1

    How Can Motorcycle Oils and Chemicals Make Your Bike Run Better?

    What’s the best way to optimize the performance of your motorcycle or powersports engines and ensure the longest possible life of your machines? By taking preventative action and using the correct motorcycle oil and chemicals to lubricate, service and maintain your vehicles. High-performance engines like yours require the higher viscosity motorcycle oils to continue to operate efficiently and smoothly. At Motorcycle Superstore we carry a full selection of street motorcycle oil, dirt bike oil, cruiser motorcycle oil, ATV oil, scooter oil, snowmobile oil and watercraft oil. We also stock all of the other maintenance fluids that you need to keep your machines lubed, cleaned, painted, sealed and cooled. Anoint your machine with the proper motorcycle oil and chemicals to keep your engine purring like a kitten and roaring like a lion for years to come.

    Latest Reviews

    Mike B (Rices Landing)

    Cost Benefit

    Good Stuff !!

    I tried this oil in one of my bikes 3 years ago and I was very impressed with how smooth it seemed to make the engine run. I am using it in all of my bikes now and I don't see myself using anything else. I have used the premium brands in the past and this oil doesn't fall short. I would highly recommend to anybody.

    Amy (Fallon)

    Cost Benefit


    Went on very well. Does not fly off. Leaves a white coat on my chain. I have a F650GS BMW.

    B (Biloxi)


    Smells good

    Seems so far this oil is living up to the hype! Smoother shifts and engine is running smoother. So far so good.

    Peter H (Lee)

    Cost Benefit

    You bet your life...

    I use this oil in my "Fresh Breeze Monster' powered paraglider. I need an oil that won't foul my plug or my carb, yet provides the best protection for my engine. I have a wife and kids that count on my motor as much as I do. Why would I consider using any other product? This works.

    Bear (Port Hueneme)

    Cost Benefit

    Bel-ray Trans oil

    Great product! you can tell if your tranny leaks by the red color. But its the best lubricate you can buy for your Harley trans. Priced just right if you check out the HD price it costs more. Motorcycle Superstore sells the best products at a fair price.

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