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Boyesen QuickStart Integrated Hot Start Assist eliminates problem 4-stroke hot start procedure Tunable leak jet maximizes volume of fuel and duration of fuel spray for all conditions 25...
Quickshot 2 Accelerator Pump Cover
$85.99 - $89.99
You save up to $9.96 (9%)
  • Bronze
Boysen Quickshot 2 Accelerator Pump Cover The NEW redesigned QUICKSHOT 2 has now pushed solid fuel delivery to the next level. Superior in design to all AP covers, the QS2 accelerates fuel del...

Latest Reviews

sam (Clarkston )


Good rebuild kit

I bought the carb kit for a 1995 Kodiak 400. Parts were of good quality and worked well. Only two O rings were not included. In all fairness, the needed two O rings (located on the outside of the plastic housing holding the needle jet) don't even show up on the Yamaha microfiche. When these are bad, though, the ATV runs like crap (so advised my local Yam tech). He sold me two O rings and that fixed the problem. Still, overall the kit was excellent.

Dave (spokane )


2005 FJR1300

Best 3rd. generation fuel controller," bang for your buck!" My FJR used to surge at low speeds, installed Wiseco fuel controller, the surge is gone and a big improvement thur all my gears what a bonus.I would put this product on every bike in my future, awesome product.

Mark (Pleasant Hill )


Quickest throttle

We are using the Boysen Quickstart in two of our race bikes and the difference in throttle response is impressive. One of these engines is stock, and one is a highly modified 490cc. Both set-ups have responded well to this mod and hot engine starting at the entry gate is much improved. Highly recommend this to all.

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